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Legal Representation for Ohio Medical Professionals

If you are facing medical disciplinary action, you need to seek immediate representation to protect your best interests. There are several types of grievances that can be filed; we provide experienced representation for each. As former prosecutors, we understand the mindset that these boards have in evaluating whether or not to take your license, your career, from you. It is important that you take every step possible to protect yourself. Call the Cleveland medical disciplinary action attorneys at Patituce & Associates, LLC today at (440) 471-7784!

Medical Professionals Can Face Discipline for a Variety of Alleged Crimes

As Cleveland criminal defense attorneys, we know more than anyone else that many times charges are completely fictitious, but the result of a fictitious allegation can still ruin a person outside of the courtroom. It is important that you be defended by Cleveland medical disciplinary action lawyers that understand how to handle such allegations in a comprehensive fashion.

Medical professionals can face discipline for a wide variety of things, such as the following:

Our Cleveland medical disciplinary action attorneys represent medical professionals before the:

How Can Patituce & Associates, LLC Help with Your Case?

If you are a medical professional facing criminal charges, you need immediate representation to cover both the criminal charges and the impending disciplinary action. Most Cleveland criminal defense attorneys do not understand, and do not practice, before the various state boards and therefore do not know that even a successful defense can have lasting penalties for the medical professional if not handled appropriately.

For instance, in a case where a doctor is accused of inappropriate patient contact, they may defeat the charges and obtain an acquittal but in doing so may establish the grounds to have his license revoked. It takes an experienced Cleveland medical disciplinary action lawyer to navigate this complex landscape.

We would not perform surgery on ourselves and a doctor should not perform legal surgery on their career! As well-educated professionals, we often think that we can handle anything that comes our way, but it is important to remember that not even criminal lawyers defend themselves when they face charges – at least not the good ones. It is our job to protect your ability to practice medicine. Call our Cleveland medical disciplinary action attorneys at(440) 471-7784. Ask to speak to us about how we can help protect you. The call is confidential and without any obligation.