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Client Testimonials

testimonials stars “Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and tough.”

Joe’s team, especially our attorney, Ashley did a great job of defending my son against a serious assault charge. They were with us every step of the way through a very intimidating legal process, ensuring that we were kept prepared and informed. Our calls were always answered promptly regardless of day or time. Ashley and the team vigorously defended my son and succeeded in getting the charge reduced which allowed him to be placed on probation. I hope to never need to hire a defense attorney again, but if I do Patituce and Associates is the only firm I will call.

testimonials stars “I owe my future to Patituce and Associates”

I recently was charged with a DUI that could have ruined my career, my relationship with my family, and my personal relationship. I am so thankful that I called Patituce & Associates, and my attorney was Trisha Breedlove. She was very professional, straight forward, and treated me as a person as not just a name and a file like other law firms do. She was able to not only get my DUI dismissed, but I walked out of court with a check from them returning my bail money. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to her. Anyone would be lucky to have Trisha and Patituce & Associates in their corner.

testimonials stars He saved my son

I am so very glad that I hired them to defend my son. They were prompt, professional, and caring. At first I was a little worried that one of the bigger firms in Ohio wouldn’t be personable, they were great. From Joe to Carli they responded to all of my questions and treated my son like a real human being rather than just being a number.

testimonials stars Great advocate in a hard situation

I hired Joe and his team after consulting with two other attorneys. Joe was fair and I appreciated his honesty in the consultation process. He was able to convince the court to have my breath test results thrown out, forcing the prosecutor to dismiss the case.

testimonials stars Highly Recommend lawyer

I was charged with an extreme DUI BAC of over .3. Joe was able to successfully argue that the fault of the BAC was due to the hospital using alcohol on the needles and my arm when drawing my blood and managed to get the DUI completely dropped. In addition he was also able to get the aggravated vehicular assault charge also completely thrown out. I’d highly recommend joe to anyone, he will fight for you.

testimonials stars It would be a mistake to hire any other Attorney.

I was charged with a DUI after I was pulled over in my driveway by a Trooper I went to high school with. I had a friend that worked for Joe, and she recommended him, saying I would be dumb not to go with him. I knew after speaking with Joe on the phone I had to hire him as he was straight to the point and honest with me. I could feel his confidence and he let me know him and his team would do everything they could for me to win this case. I ask a lot of questions and like to know what’s going on the in the case, I was able to speak with either Joe or a member of his team whenever possible. I never felt like an after thought, or felt worried that the case wouldn’t go favorably for me. Joe and his team were able to prove before the trial that the Trooper was showing great biased towards me and going out of his way to make me look guilty. After the great amount of evidence we had against the trooper and the clear cut fact that I wasn’t intoxicated. They were able to get the prosecutor and the judge to dismiss all charges.

testimonials stars Joe gave me my life back

I was recently charged with a couple felonies. One being felonious assault. I hired my 1st attorney without doing any research and quickly came to the realization that I needed better representation. After finding Joe Patituce online i called his office and within minutes of speaking with him he put me at ease and told me more about my type of case than the previous attorney had in weeks. I retained his services then and its a great thing that I did. The judicial process lasted a very long time but Joe and his associates, namely Catherine Meehan and Carli Citrano, were with the the whole way. Joe and his staff were very professional and informative but, also spoke to me and my family in a way that we could understand what was going on. He didn’t back down and went with any direction I was most comfortable with. This whole event went to trial and Joe was ferocious in the court room. He showed he knew exactly what he was doing. In the end, because of his expertise the entire case was thrown out. I cant thank him and his team enough for everything they did. I would highly recommend anyone who needs a great defense attorney to go to him

testimonials stars Highly recommend

Seeking legal representation is arguably one of the most critical actions one can take. Joe and his Associates, namely Carli and Catherine, worked with us at a time when we were dealing with a highly emotional and stressful situation. We could not have asked for a better legal team. They were very diligent, extremely knowledgeable and patient when big decisions needed to be made as well as being great at providing guidance without any pressure. Joe and his Associates handled the case with compassion and guided us through a very difficult time. They were able to obtain a favorable outcome and truly raise the bar for Cleveland Defense Attorneys. I would highly recommend this firm.

testimonials stars Excellent Results, Good Client Advocate

I was charged with an OVI and after firing 2 attorneys, the first for not showing up to my 1st pretrial and the 2nd for not even attempting to terminate my ALS after the officer didn’t show up. I knew I had to make a change as I still had time and it was not too late. I had 3 weeks till my next pretrial. I called Mr. Patituce after seeing the high ratings in multiple places online and reading the information concerning OVI on his website. Attorney Catherine Meehan was assigned to my case and accompanied me to all the pretrials. She is a good client advocate and addressed my concerns to the judge. After the 1st pretrial she was able to get me expanded driving privileges and by the Second Pretrial she was able to get my OVI and red light charges dismissed, my ALS terminated and the $475 Reinstatement fee waived, and an order from the Judge to get my firearm and CCW permit returned. After reviewing my file at the end of the case I noticed Mr, Patituce’s office filed a Notice to Preserve Evidence. This is so if evidence is destroyed we could move the court to dismissed the case. This is something that my 2nd attorney assigned to my case didn’t do. In summary they are not cheap, but they know what they are doing and I would hire them again.

testimonials stars Integrity

Carli Citraro was excellent! She was able to quickly assess the situation and not let a bad incident define the outcome of the case or define my character. Couldn’t recommend them more!

testimonials stars Exceptional lawyer, highly recommend

I was charged with driving under the influence. I found Joseph Patituce online and discovered that he had affordable pricing. When I went to court, I was blown away by his skill and effectiveness. He took my trial all the way to the state supreme court. He is driven, tenacious, and an exceptional lawyer. I highly recommend his services.

testimonials stars He gave me hope and then delivered.

I was treated like a priority from the first day I spoke with Attorney Patituce. He made it clear that he and all of his associates would work on my case and they did. I took a great deal of comfort knowing that it was not just one single attorney but a group of them protecting me. A downside of being charged with a crime is that you have to sit in courtrooms. The upside of sitting in courtrooms is you get to see how your attorney acts after the sales pitch has ended. It was clear that my attorneys commanded the room when they walked in, they were constantly taken first, and my results were great.

testimonials stars This guy cares

I live in Boston, but got in trouble in Cleveland. I freaked out about what this all meant to me. Joe and his team were in constant communication with me about my case. I was highly satisfied with the outcome of the case.

testimonials stars If you're in trouble you need Joseph Patituce!

Because of my stupidity I found myself facing charges for theft. By all accounts, this one mistake could have been the end of my career…thank god I hired Joseph Patituce. When I was sick with worry it was Mr. Patituce who spent time with me to answer all my questions and explain our strategy going forward. Every phone call I made was promptly returned and I never felt I was bothering him with my concerns. This morning we went to court and all I can say is that Mr. Patituce was nothing short of amazing. He fought for me and I walked out with a result I never thought possible. If you’re looking for someone who knows the law and will fight hard for you, you cannot do any better than Joseph Patituce.

testimonials stars Saved Me From Federal Charges

I was involved in a situation that went like this: my boyfriend did something horrible, convinced me to help him by depositing some money, and the next thing I know I am potentially a target in a federal case! I called a number of attorneys who all wanted to talk about how great they were and how much trouble I was in. I already knew that I was in trouble and did not need to keep hearing it. Mr. Patituce cared more about hearing from me and asked me specific questions that showed me he knew what he was doing, unlike those attorneys paying for advertising he was a legitimate expert. Thanks to him I have put this all behind me.

testimonials stars Mr. Patituce & His Team Helped Me Avoid a DUI Conviction

Mr. Patituce and his team helped me put a mistake behind me. I had met some friends for dinner and left after a couple of drinks. I did not realize that I had more than I should until I got on the road. I was stopped, literally, a block from my house. I could see my driveway! I did not do my research before hiring Mr. Patituce and actually had hired someone else. This other attorney told me that I had no choice, and no hope, of seeing any type of reduction. As a nurse I could not afford a DUI unless there was really no choice. Mr. Patituce took the time to talk to me even though he was out of the office and with his family. Everything we discussed came true – he looked at the evidence, was able to identify errors that the trooper made, and argued to the prosecutor that the case should be reduced. Mr. Patituce cost more than my first attorney, but it was money well spent. The only mistake I made (aside from drinking too much) was not hiring Mr. Patituce in the first place. He and his teamed saved my career.

Jorge L.
testimonials stars I cannot say enough how grateful we are.

I realize that you are doing your job. But, I cannot say enough how grateful we are to you for your understanding, your on-the-ball-ness, your knowledge, and your support. This is an extremely tough time for us, and being able to depend on your excellence is invaluable. THANK YOU, Lennea – we heart you!

Donna S.
testimonials stars Bottom Line: Joe Gets Results

Joe is an honest and knowledgeable attorney. He handled a very sensitive matter for me in a way that made me feel comfortable and I knew that I could trust him. His associates were very knowledgeable and compassionate as well. I appreciate that he did not speculate on the future of my case, rather stuck to the facts and focused on doing his best to help me. In the end, I could not be more grateful for the job that Joe and his firm did for me. Highly recommended!

testimonials stars Excellent Lawyer Who Saved Us

I was accused of a felonious assault. Mr. Patituce stood up to the prosecutors who told us that someone had to take a felony. When the prosecutors tried to bully Mr. Patituce around he pushed back and caught them in their lies. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on ALL charges and found that Mr. Patituce proved self defense. This case drew national media attention and was very stressful, we could have not done it without our attorney.

testimonials stars Worked Tirelessly in My Defense

Joe Patituce and his team worked tirelessly in my defense. Joe answered all of my questions – and there were many – in a timely manner, many within minutes. Joe was able to find errors in the prosecution’s evidence and get my case plead down significantly. If you need a strong defense, hire Joe Patituce.