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If you’ve been charged with a crime in Broadview Heights, your case will originate in the Broadview Heights Mayor’s Court. A magistrate will oversee the proceedings, and you’ll face the Broadview Heights prosecuting attorney. If you enter a plea of not guilty to the charges, your case will be transferred to Parma Municipal Court. Reach out to a Broadview Heights criminal defense lawyer.

So while the Broadview Heights Mayor’s Court might not seem like the place where a lot of the action in your case will play out, the truth is that your case may stand the best chance of ending if you work quickly to get experienced legal help. At Patituce & Associates, our team is comprised of former prosecutors from right here in Ohio, and we successfully defend clients throughout Northeast Ohio’s Mayor’s and Municipal Courts. If you are arrested in the Broadview Heights area and would like to meet, most clients meet us at our Independence office. However, you can meet with us at any of our offices.

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Broadview Heights Mayor’s Court Information

Casesoriginatingin Broadview Heights will be heard in Parma Municipal Courtif adefendant pleads not guilty.

Types of Cases Heard

  • Misdemeanor Criminal
  • DUI / OVI
  • Traffic Tickets

Magistrate: Jeannette M. Weaver |Prosecutor: Vince Ruffa

Get an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Broadview Heights

When you act promptly, an experienced Broadview Heights defense attorney can attack the case head on from the earliest stages. Patituce & Associates has a reputation among prosecutors in Northeast Ohio as aggressive advocates for our clients; they know that when a defendant hires us, he or she is serious about winning their case.

So, just how strong does the prosecutor think their case against you is? It’s a question they’ll be asking as they decide how and whether to pursue the charges.

While we are vigorous litigators in the courtroom, our lawyers take a multifaceted approach. If we believe we can have your charges dismissed before trial, we will fight hard to achieve that. In some cases, this will result in a reduction in charges, which limits your risk of significant and long lasting penalties. If you’ve been charged with a criminal matter, DUI/OVI, or traffic violation in Broadview Heights, let the former prosecutors at Patituce & Associates help you push back against the cops and prosecutors who are out to convict you.

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Joesph C patituce
Joseph C. Patituce, Broadview Heights Criminal Defense Attorney

Whatever you have been charged with, you have a right to a lawyer; make sure you choose that lawyer well. While public defenders provide a valuable service for low-income Ohioans, the fact is that the young lawyers who fill that role are overworked and inexperienced. Prosecutors love going up against public defenders because they know their odds of winning are good. We change those odds.

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