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As seasoned criminal defense attorneys, we know that one of the scariest times in a person’s life is when they are confronted with criminal charges and face the prospect of losing their freedom. During this time, you are feeling the weight of the government and the oppression of the criminal justice system. It is critical to protect your future. 

One of the best ways that you can do that is by hiring a highly qualified Sandusky criminal defense attorney. Patituce & Associates is here to help you through every phase of your case. Contact us today for a free case review with an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

At Patituce & Associates, we handle a comprehensive range of criminal defense cases. We have former felony-level prosecutors on our team who provide us with unique insight and assistance in complex cases.

We are capable of handling any criminal matter. Contact us today to get started on mounting a strong defense. 

Tailored Defenses to Suit Your Situation 

The criminal defense firm of Patituce & Associates has over 70 years of combined legal experience with lawyers who have taken over 200 cases to trial. This robust experience has taught us the importance of legal defenses that are tailored to our client’s unique situation. 

Some strategies that have proven effective in previous cases and that may benefit your defense might include:

  • Making discovery requests – Our team can demand the government produce all the evidence it plans to use against you, as well as evidence that weighs in your favor. Once we have all of the information in hand, we can determine how to best structure your defense. 
  • Suppressing evidence – If evidence was obtained against you in violation of your rights, we can file legal motions to ask the judge to suppress the evidence. Depending on the situation, this strategy may also provide the basis to dismiss the criminal charges against you, or to at least weaken the prosecution’s case if we are successful. 
  • Challenging the credibility of evidence – If evidence cannot be suppressed, we may challenge its credibility. We will ensure the prosecution is held to its high burden and your rights are protected throughout the process. 
  • Conducting a separate investigation – We have seen too many criminal defense attorneys simply accept the case the prosecution hands to them. We can hire private investigators to conduct a separate investigation when appropriate, which might help uncover important evidence to aid in your defense. 

We will also conduct a thorough analysis of your case, identify the strengths of your case, and highlight the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case. 

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Joseph C. Patituce, Sandusky Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, it is critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can begin building a defense strategy on your behalf and take steps to protect your legal rights. Our team is trusted by law enforcement and other lawyers when they have their own criminal charges they are facing. Contact our lawyers today for help with your case.