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Selecting a criminal defense attorney is a pivotal step—one that requires careful deliberation. If you find yourself facing criminal charges, it’s crucial to thoroughly investigate your options before making a commitment.

Our team of Strongsville criminal defense attorneys boasts an impressive lineup of former prosecutors and seasoned lawyers who’ve amassed vast legal experience both inside and outside the criminal courtroom. Their depth of knowledge ensures that your defense is robust and formidable. Discover firsthand how Patituce & Associates can be the beacon of hope in your legal journey.

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Why Choose Patituce & Associates as Your Strongsville Criminal Defense Attorneys

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At Patituce & Associates, our reputation precedes us. As a premier law firm specializing in criminal defense on both State and Federal fronts, our results don’t just speak for themselves — they’ve caught the attention of major national media outlets, including CNN, Fox News, ESPN, NBC, and USA Today. As a former assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, Joe Patituce obtained a reputation for aggressively taking criminal cases to trial; since leaving the prosecutor’s office, he has maintained that reputation. However, our firm’s success lies in no one individual but rather our holistic team-based approach. It’s what gives our firm the capability to ardently represent our clients. Each member of our unique roster boasts a wealth of experience and a docket of achievements, both personal and professional. 

While no honorable lawyer can promise outcomes, they should succinctly convey their commitment to safeguarding your rights. Our Strongsville criminal defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates take our job extremely seriously because the consequences you face are serious-even a misdemeanor DUI/OVI charge can result in life-changing penalties, from losing your freedom to losing your job. We fight for our clients to ensure that their rights are protected in the face of a criminal accusation. If you want to fight the charges you face, we can help — even if your situation feels hopeless.

Reasons Our Firm Can Benefit Your Case:

  • We’ve spent 70+ years in the legal profession
  • We’ve helped hundreds of clients and taken 200+ cases to trial
  • We are former prosecutors, so we know how to approach your case
  • We never charge for your first consultation — it’s completely free

There may be times when the gravity of your case leaves you questioning whether even the most competent attorney can assist. Whether you’re confronting a felony or a misdemeanor, engaging a proficient legal expert without delay is paramount. Your case deserves a proactive approach that only a skilled criminal defense lawyer can provide. 

Types of Cases We Handle in Strongsville, Ohio

Our capable team is equipped to handle a variety of criminal defense cases in Strongsville and across the greater Ohio area, including: 

Our broad spectrum of practice areas underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive legal solutions for our clients. Whether you’re facing challenges related to criminal defense, family disputes, or corporate concerns, our seasoned team is equipped to navigate the intricacies of each legal domain, ensuring you receive unparalleled representation tailored to your unique circumstances. Whatever your legal needs, trust in our proficiency to guide you every step of the way.

Our Office in Strongsville, Ohio

Our Strongsville office is conveniently located at 16855 Foltz Parkway, Strongsville, OH 44149. Contact us at ​​(216) 208-4710, or feel free to fill out our online contact form. A member of our team will get back to you right away to answer any questions you may have before your free consultation. 


Crime Statistics in Strongsville

39 per cent criminal incidents are assault

As of recent census data, Strongsville has a population of roughly 45,000. Our area is uniquely highly-educated and experiences relative safety compared to neighboring areas with a higher prevalence of violent crimes. However, as with any city, a wide range of criminal activities are bound to occur, leading to hundreds of arrests every year. The activities that make up the highest percentage of reported crimes in the area are assault, larceny, theft, and property crime. 

  • In a recent reporting year, Strongsville documented a total of 1215 known offenses.
  • Assault makes up 39% of all reported criminal incidents in the region, with 51% being classified as simple assault, 31% as assault with intimidation, and 17% as aggravated assault.
  • The most commonly specified larceny and theft charges include theft from a motor vehicle (14%), shoplifting (14%), theft from a building (4%), and theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories (3%). 

Regardless of what charges you may be facing, you can count on your neighborhood criminal defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates when you need a champion in your corner. 

What to Do if You’re Facing Criminal Charges in Strongsville, OH

Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Rachelle Smith

Being charged with a crime can be a terrifying experience, but it’s essential to remain calm and contact an attorney right away for advice tailored to your circumstances. In the immediate aftermath of an incident, you should take the following steps to help ensure your rights are protected: 

  • Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent: Comply with law enforcement directives without offering additional information that isn’t specifically asked for. Remember, anything you say can be used against you in court. If you’re unsure about answering a question, you have the right to remain silent until you have consulted with an attorney. 
  • Seek Legal Representation Immediately: This can’t be stressed enough. Engage a reputable criminal defense attorney, preferably one familiar with Strongsville’s legal landscape. The sooner you have an attorney to guide and advocate for you, the better your chances of navigating the system effectively.
  • Document Everything: If possible, write down everything you remember about the circumstances leading up to, during, and after the arrest. Details, no matter how small, can be crucial for your defense.
  • Avoid Discussing the Case: Refrain from discussing details of your case with anyone but your attorney. This includes family, friends, and especially on social media platforms.
  • Follow Your Attorney’s Advice: A seasoned criminal defense attorney will provide you with insights, strategies, and guidance tailored to your specific charges. Trust their expertise and follow their advice.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges in Strongsville, Ohio, remember that prompt action and the right legal guidance can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Patituce & Associates is here to ensure your rights are protected and offer you the best possible defense.

How an Attorney Can Help Your Case, Pre-Arrest

Criminal Defense Attorney Catherine Purdum

The moment you find yourself under the scrutiny of law enforcement or implicated in a criminal investigation, swift action is crucial to safeguard your rights and liberty. Engaging our legal services ensures proactive defense strategies tailored to shield you even before any charges emerge. 

Our dedicated criminal defense team strives to counteract and debunk the opposition’s arguments, aiming to prevent formal charges from ever being lodged against you. By offering pre-arrest consultations, handing formal written communications, and engaging with law enforcement agencies on your behalf, we can help contest alleged evidence and potentially even have your charges dismissed before they make it to your arrest record. However, time is of the essence. The best time to contact an attorney is as soon as possible. 

Our Tried and True Strategies to Represent You at Trial

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When an individual faces charges, the subsequent legal journey can branch off in one of two primary directions; negotiations and litigation. Our mission at Patituce & Associates is not just about defending our clients but ensuring they receive the most favorable results and minimizing the repercussions that your charges may have on you in the long term. 

The perception of most criminal cases culminating in heated battles before a judge and jury isn’t entirely accurate. We believe that true legal prowess lies not in dramatic courtroom proceedings but in a profound grasp of the law, an in-depth dive into case specifics, and an unwavering dedication to championing a client’s cause. When it comes to addressing a criminal case, two primary avenues emerge:

Plea Negotiations

This path is often traversed outside the courtroom’s four walls. Here, your legal representation engages in a dialogue with the prosecution, negotiating terms that could lead to an equitable resolution, often without setting foot in a court.

Litigation & Trial

This is the more publicly understood facet of criminal defense, where both defense and prosecution lay out their cases in a courtroom setting. It’s a space of evidence, arguments, and counterarguments, with the prosecutor aiming to establish guilt and your defense attorney fervently advocating for your rights and innocence.

Generally, most cases will resolve in out-of-court settlements, negotiations, and pleas. However, our attorneys, as seasoned trial lawyers, are prepared to pursue the option that is most likely to lead to a favorable outcome in your case, whether in or outside the courtroom. 

The Process of Criminal Litigation in Ohio

Navigating the maze of criminal litigation in Ohio requires a thorough understanding of each step, from the initial accusation to a potential court appearance. As soon as you become a person of interest or a suspect in a crime, the legal clock starts ticking. By enlisting our firm’s expertise, you are equipping yourself with a team determined to mitigate risks and strategically approach every phase of the litigation process.

Beginning with the preliminary investigation, we dive deep into the nuances of your case, ensuring that every stone is turned and that every detail is meticulously analyzed. Our dedicated attorneys then proceed to pre-trial motions and preparations, working to negotiate or even quash charges during these critical stages. Depending on the specifics of your case, the process of criminal litigation will generally involve: 

  • Discovery: A vital step where both parties share information about the case. This mutual exchange reveals the evidence at hand, aiding both sides in devising their strategies.
  • Evidence Suppression and Credibility: The defense may request the court to disallow certain evidence. Additionally, the legitimacy or relevance of evidence can be questioned. For example, evidence that breaches the defendant’s rights or is deemed irrelevant might be challenged. If an inquiry lacked probable cause, such as in the case of a search that was made without a proper warrant, it may be deemed inadmissible. 
  • Investigation: Both sides probe into the case details. While prosecutors aim to bolster their claims, the defense seeks information to counter them. This in-depth stage could involve collecting various evidence types, from physical items to testimonies.

Should your case advance to trial, our robust defense strategies are designed to challenge the prosecution at every juncture, always working towards your best possible outcome. We strive to stay one step ahead, using our deep understanding of Ohio’s legal landscape to benefit your defense. 

Your freedom, reputation, and future are on the line, and we treat each case with the gravity it deserves. Remember, early intervention is key. Reach out at the first hint of legal trouble to secure the best defense possible.

Risks & Benefits of Proceeding with Trial

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A criminal trial offers the defendant a platform to publicly contest and challenge the charges in front of a judge or a jury. This setting can sometimes be the most favorable environment to unravel intricate facts and lay out detailed defenses that may not be evident in initial investigations. Moreover, a trial allows for the exhaustive examination of evidence and testimony, which, when handled astutely, can tilt the outcome in favor of the accused.

On the other hand, trials also present inherent risks. The nature of the judicial system means outcomes can be unpredictable, even with the most compelling defense. Opting for a trial might result in higher legal costs and extended duration, which can take a toll both emotionally and financially. Furthermore, if the case doesn’t conclude in the defendant’s favor, they might face steeper penalties compared to what might have been negotiated in a plea agreement.

Furthermore, the local nuances and legal intricacies of where the alleged crime took place, and your personal background can add layers of complexity. Thus, having an experienced legal team by your side is indispensable. Our firm’s deep understanding of the Ohio criminal landscape ensures that we guide our clients through the labyrinth of decision-making, balancing the potential rewards against the risks. Whether to proceed with a trial or seek alternative resolutions is a critical decision, and our commitment is to provide the most informed, strategic counsel at every juncture.

Additional Resources for Criminal Defense in Strongsville

looking up at buildings

You may access the state statutes contained within the Ohio Revised Code for information about specific topics within criminal law. Furthermore, the ORC contains a list of punishment guidelines for misdemeanors and felonies within the state. 

For an in-depth topical analysis of criminal charges and what you need to know as a defendant, visit our blog. However, take note that the information contained on our site does not constitute legal advice, nor can it replace the invaluable help and wisdom of a trained criminal defense attorney. 

Information on the Strongsville Mayor’s Court

All traffic offenses and misdemeanor criminal cases committed in Strongsville are heard in Mayor’s Court.

If you contest the charges, the case is moved to Berea Municipal Court.
If you were arrested for a felony, your case will be heard in Cuyahoga County Court.

Our Strongsville Criminal Defense Attorneys are Your Strong Legal Advocate

Our legal team firmly believes in your constitutional right to due process and fair treatment. Regardless of what you were accused of, our dedication remains unwavering—standing by our clients from start to finish. If you’re confronted with criminal allegations within Strongsville, Ohio, take the next steps to secure the robust defense you deserve.

Get in touch with Patituce & Associates for the hard-hitting legal defense you want on your side. Call our Strongsville criminal defense lawyers by visiting our contact page.

Client Testimonial

“I made several calls before hiring this firm and each time I talked to an attorney I would ask them about their competitors. I spoke with an attorney named Morgan who claimed to be a former prosecutor but when I looked into her it turns out she was only a low-level juvenile prosecutor for a month. I called this firm and they refused to speak poorly of other attorneys. They have integrity.” – James S. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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