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Helping Those Convicted Find Relief

Clemency is a form of relief from a criminal conviction that comes directly from the governor in state cases or the President in federal cases. In Ohio, the Parole Board assists the Governor in handling state clemency applications. The Department of Justice has an Office of Pardon Attorney to assist the President in handling federal pardon/clemency applications. If you are in need of an Ohio Clemency attorney, contact Patituce & Associates.

Types of Clemency in Ohio

Two main types of clemency are available: commutations and pardons. While a commutation reduces the penalty associated with your conviction, a pardon negates the conviction entirely and protects you from all further punishment. Both of these forms of relief can help you get out of prison faster and get back to living your life.clemency lawyer ohio

Put an Ohio Clemency Lawyer on Your Side

Commutations and pardons are rare. However, a skilled and experienced Ohio clemency attorney can help you maximize your chances of qualifying for one of these types of clemency. If you are interested in applying for a commutation or pardon, Patituce & Associates, LLC can help you complete the necessary paperwork, develop convincing arguments, and prepare a detailed pardon packet. Our goal is to show that you have been rehabilitated and are ready to resume all of the responsibilities of citizenship. Please contact Patituce & Associates, LLC at(440) 471-7784 if you believe you may be well positioned to pursue clemency relief.