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If you’ve been charged with drunk driving (called OVI in Ohio), drug charges, traffic violations, or any other crime in Brooklyn, get help right away. We typically meet with those arrested in Brooklyn at our North Olmsted location but can meet with you anywhere. Our Brooklyn criminal defense attorneys are experienced former prosecutors who know how to fight for our clients. Whether your matter is to be heard in Brooklyn Mayor’s Court or at Parma Municipal Court, where felonies and not-guilty pleas originating in Brooklyn are heard, we can help you.

Brooklyn, Ohio Mayor’s Court Information

Types of Cases Heard

  • Traffic Tickets
  • DUI / OVI
  • Criminal

Felony cases and not-guilty pleas are heard in Parma Municipal Court or Cuyahoga County.

  • Municipalities in the Court’s Jurisdiction: Brooklyn, Ohio
  • Clerk of Court: Grace Musto
  • Magistrate: Ronald C. Balbier

DUI / OVI & Criminal Defense in Brooklyn, Ohio

We defend clients as they face charges in Mayor’s and Municipal Courts. What can start as an innocuous interaction with police can easily escalate to criminal charges, and that’s why you need an experienced Brooklyn, OH criminal defense attorney.

Our track record speaks for itself, but what you should know is that we’re the attorneys the prosecutor hopes you won’t hire. However tough the charges, and however strong you think the evidence is, we’re the team to push back against it and find the best resolution for you and your family. Criminal charges and OVI prosecutions can cause you big problems now and in the future. They can cost you your job and your license. Misdemeanor and especially felony convictions can keep you out of career fields and limit your lifetime earnings. In a lot of cases, even being charged with a crime can have detrimental effects on your personal relationships.

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Joesph C patituce
Joseph C. Patituce, Brooklyn Criminal Defense Attorney

The consequences of an arrest or criminal conviction can be avoided-but you have to act quickly. People who’ve been through an arrest are shaken up and often want to tell the police their side of the story, thinking they can clear things up and get on with their lives. Don’t make this mistake. When you call Patituce & Associates, we’ll hear you out and give you a clear picture of where you are and what’s likely to happen next.

The initial consultation is free, and you can count on us for impartial, clear-headed advice. The police are building a case, and anything you say to them, as the saying goes, will be used against you. A lawyer can protect you from unwittingly incriminating yourself, and an experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side will tell the prosecution that this is going to be harder for them than they want it to be. Don’t risk your future by trying to fix a DUI or criminal charge yourself. Get help right away.

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