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Criminal Defense Attorneys Bay Village, OH

The Bay Village criminal defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates represent individuals who have been investigated, arrested, or charged with misdemeanors and felonies. Our firm represents people facing all kinds of charges, helping their charges get reduced or dropped to whatever degree we can. Our approach is informed by the fact that we are former prosecutors, so we know how prosecutors think. We know where they hide weaknesses in their case or what kind of evidentiary mistakes they make. By leveraging those things, we’ve been able to create outcomes for our clients that they didn’t think were possible.

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Bay Village Criminal Defense Lawyers

Patituce & Associates often receives calls from people who are being represented by attorneys who lack experience with the charges they’re facing (or may not be criminal defense lawyers at all). We also hear complaints about how hard it is to reach them. By contrast, our Bay Village criminal defense lawyers make it a priority to aggressively defend our clients from the charges the government has brought against them. We have experience defending virtually every crime on the books in Ohio (O.R.C.). Our law firm always returns phone calls within 24 hours, keeping you updated on every development as it happens.

We Always Challenge the Evidence to Be Used Against You

Because the government has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, criminal defense lawyers should aggressively challenge the prosecution’s evidence at every opportunity. What does this mean? It means that your lawyer should be closely reviewing every piece of evidence against you, looking for potential weak spots in the state’s case. Our Bay Village criminal defense attorneys speak to every possible witness, evaluate the evidence against you, discuss possible defense strategies, and seek out evidence to use on your behalf. Our experience with the prosecutors and police in Bay Village equips us to identify potential breaks in the chain of evidence handling, which could collapse the state’s entire case. Whatever evidence (or lack thereof) we can leverage in your favor, we will.

We Want Clients That Want To Fight Their Charges!

Some clients do not want to fight their charges and would rather make a deal outside of court. We support that. However, we always want to make sure you are making an informed decision about your choices. By challenging the evidence, we can expose the flaws in the government’s case and perhaps get the case against you dropped. Attorney Joseph Patituce used to be an assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, so he knows too well that there are often gaps in the state’s case.

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Joesph C patituce
Joseph C. Patituce, Bay Village Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are arrested on misdemeanor charges in Bay Village, OH your case will be heard at Rocky River Municipal Court while all felonies will be heard at Cuyahoga County Court. If you would like to learn more about how our Bay Village criminal defense attorneys can help with your case, you are also free to call us directly at (440) 471-7784. We will promptly return your call and provide you with a free consultation over the phone or set one up in person.

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