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Joseph C. Patituce, Independence Criminal Defense Attorney

Our team is composed of former prosecutors who spent time working on all types of cases ranging from murder to DUI. In that time, we learned a number of valuable things that make our law firm incredibly successful. First, we learned how to properly analyze high-profile, high-stress, high-risk cases from the standpoint of a jury. Reach out to an Independence criminal defense lawyer.

As a result of learning this skill, we have had astounding success at trial. Second, we learned to understand exactly how police officers and government agents approach a case; this insight makes it easier for us to understand exactly what the police and government agents are trying to do. Third, we developed a reputation as criminal defense trial attorneys who aggressively take cases to trial that other attorneys are not willing to take.

Why Choose Patituce & Associates as Your Criminal Defense Attorneys in Independence, Ohio

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All of our lawyers challenge the government’s evidence and do not simply take the police at face value; we dig deep into their evidence and question what they really have.

For example, many people feel that if they fail a breathalyzer test, they will be convicted 100% of the time. We believe that this is false. Our experiences show police can make serious mistakes in how they handle an OVI arrest and subsequent investigation. No case is absolutely hopeless; however, many are difficult and require the skill and experience of criminal defense attorneys who have been there before and successfully defended cases like yours.

Our Law Office in Independence

Serving several cities in the greater northern Ohio area, our Independence office is proud to offer you convenient access to quality legal services. You can visit us at 6100 Oak Tree Boulevard, Suite 200, Independence, OH, 44131. Or, you can reach us by phone at (216) 208-4137 or through our online contact form to get in touch with an attorney who can answer your questions and arrange a free consultation to learn more about your case. 


Penalties for Criminal Offenses in Ohio

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In Independence, Ohio, the legal framework enforces stringent consequences for those found guilty of criminal activities. Both major crimes (felonies) and less severe infractions (misdemeanors) can lead to time behind bars and monetary fines. Certain offenses may also come with additional penalties. For instance, DUI convictions might result in a driver’s license suspension, while sex-related crimes could mandate registration as a sex offender.

The specific penalties one might face hinge on the nature of the crime committed, prior criminal records, and the unique details surrounding the incident. Among the potential consequences are:

  • Substantial fines
  • Incarceration in prison or jail
  • Probationary periods
  • Mandatory community service

Our legal team works hard to reduce penalties and sentences for those facing criminal allegations. In some cases, this may even result in charges being dropped before a conviction is made. In other cases, we may work toward plea negotiations or reduced fines or sentences.

Should I Consider a Plea Deal?

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Plea bargains are negotiated agreements between the defense and the prosecution that offer an alternative route to a lengthy courtroom trial. They typically involve the defendant agreeing to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a reduced sentence or the dismissal of other charges.

Plea bargains can be a strategic move in many criminal cases, but they require a careful balancing act. Here’s how seasoned attorneys work in the arena of plea negotiations to benefit your case:

  • Understanding Your Best Interests: Every individual’s circumstances and priorities are unique. For some, avoiding jail time might be paramount, while others might prioritize keeping a clean record. Your attorney will consider these factors in shaping the negotiation strategy.
  • Negotiating: Our criminal defense attorneys have a deep understanding of the local legal landscape. We have established relationships with prosecutors and the experience that comes with being former prosecutors ourselves, which can be beneficial in navigating plea discussions. Their experience allows us to gauge when to push harder, when to compromise, and when to walk away.
  • Presenting Alternative Solutions: Instead of just focusing on reducing charges, your criminal defense attorney might also propose alternative sentencing options like rehabilitation programs, community service, or probation. Such solutions can be especially valuable in cases where the primary goal is to avoid incarceration.

Ultimately, a plea bargain is ultimately the defendant’s decision. An attorney’s role is to ensure that the individual fully understands the implications of their choices, both immediate and long-term. However, plea bargains can often mean the difference between severe penalties and more lenient outcomes. If you find yourself facing criminal charges, it’s crucial to have an experienced legal advocate who can effectively navigate the nuances of plea negotiations on your behalf.

Types of Criminal Defense Cases We Handle in Independence, Ohio

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At Patituce & Associates in Independence, Ohio, we are adept at providing vigorous and skilled legal representation for those facing a wide array of criminal charges. Our experienced team of attorneys routinely handles cases ranging from DUIs and traffic infractions to more grave offenses such as drug-related crimes, white-collar fraud, violent crimes, and sex offenses. We understand the profound impact a criminal charge can have on an individual’s life, and as such, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the most comprehensive defense possible. Every case is approached with a unique strategy tailored to the specifics of the situation and the needs of the client. Some of the services we provide as criminal defense lawyers in Independence include: 

Criminal Charges in Independence and Cuyahoga County

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Independence is a relatively small city at just over 7,500, according to census data. As a suburb of Cleveland, it experiences much lower crime rates than its big city neighbor. However, as with any city, criminal charges and convictions happen routinely. In Cuyahoga County, violent crime and property crime make up the overwhelming majority of all reported offenses, at  43% and 48%, respectively. 

Independence boasts a high number of workers in the technology industry. As such, a relatively high percentage of crimes are also classified under financial crimes. Of these, some of the most common cases involve credit card fraud, false pretenses, forgery, and extortion. 

Our lawyers are familiar with the types of criminal allegations that occur in our area, as well as where they take place and how local laws and the circumstances particular to your case may influence the strategies we employ to protect you and defend your rights. 

Facing a DUI Charge in Ohio? 

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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges are among the most common yet severe offenses one might face on the roads of Independence, OH. These charges can result from the operation of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both. The repercussions of a DUI conviction can be life-altering, including hefty fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol programs, and even incarceration.

If you find yourself being arrested on suspicion of a DUI, it’s vital to remember a few key steps:

  • Stay Calm, Compliant, and Silent: Reacting aggressively or resisting arrest can result in additional charges. It’s essential to cooperate with the arresting officers, even if you believe the arrest is unjust. While it’s crucial to provide basic identification information, you have the right to remain silent regarding the details of the situation. Anything you say can be used against you in court.
  • Decline Field Sobriety Tests: In many jurisdictions, you are not legally required to take field sobriety tests. These tests can be subjective and might be used against you.
  • Seek Legal Counsel: As soon as it’s feasible, reach out to a knowledgeable DUI attorney to represent you. They can offer guidance tailored to your unique situation.
  • A seasoned DUI attorney can evaluate your case’s specifics and deploy a range of defense strategies. Some potential defenses include:
  • Faulty Breathalyzer Test: The equipment used to measure blood alcohol content can malfunction or be used incorrectly, leading to inaccurate results.

Improper Stop: If law enforcement did not have a valid reason to initiate the traffic stop, any evidence gathered may be deemed inadmissible.

  • Medical Conditions: Some medical conditions can mimic the symptoms of intoxication or affect breathalyzer results.
  • Violation of Rights: If your rights were violated during the arrest, such as not being informed of your right to remain silent or not having access to an attorney, it could impact the case’s outcome.

When facing DUI charges, it’s paramount to act swiftly and secure knowledgeable legal representation. Our DUI attorneys at Patituce & Associates can ensure your rights are upheld and work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer? 

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Navigating the intricate web of the criminal justice system in Independence, OH, can be daunting. If you find yourself facing criminal charges, the stakes are undeniably high, and every decision you make can impact the course of your future. 

There’s an inherent value in having a dedicated criminal defense attorney by your side. Such professionals possess an in-depth understanding of local laws, legal procedures, and potential defenses. They can scrutinize the evidence, negotiate with prosecutors, and strategize to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation. Moreover, an experienced attorney can alleviate the emotional stress of court proceedings, providing guidance and clarity throughout a turbulent period. In essence, having a dedicated criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a reduced sentence, case dismissal, or conviction.

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

Our attorneys at Patituce & Associates are proud to provide free consultations on every case that we handle. We think that it would be incredibly ridiculous for you to have to pay to initially speak with us regarding your case. At our firm, our Independence criminal defense attorneys want you to be able to freely discuss the particulars of your case with legal counsel before we decide to take your case on. It is also important to us that you are comfortable with us. If you would like to learn how we can help, call today.

What Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Do for My Case?

When facing criminal charges in Independence, Ohio, you might feel overwhelmed by the complexities of the legal process and the potential consequences ahead. Engaging a criminal defense attorney can be your crucial ally during such challenging times. These legal professionals delve deep into the specifics of your case, evaluating evidence, identifying inconsistencies, and spotting potential violations of your rights. With their comprehensive understanding of local legal nuances, they can craft strategic defenses tailored to your unique situation. 

Beyond the courtroom, an attorney can engage in negotiations with the prosecution, seeking reduced charges or even case dismissals. Furthermore, they offer invaluable advice on plea deals, ensuring you understand every implication before making decisions. Throughout this journey, a criminal defense attorney acts as both a shield and guide, advocating for your best interests and demystifying the complexities of the legal system for you.

Neighborhoods We Serve Near Independence, Ohio

Seven Hills (44131), Brecksville (44141), Garfield Heights (44105, 44125, 44128), Broadview Heights (44147), Maple Heights (44137), Parma (44129, 44130, 44134), Bedford (44146), North Royalton (44133), Parma Heights (44130), Brooklyn (44129, 44144), Bedford Heights (44128, 44146), Macedonia (44056), Warrensville Heights (44122, 44128), Brook Park (44126, 44135, 44142, 44188), Shaker Heights (44118, 44120, 44122)

Independence Mayor’s Court

Independence Mayor's Court

The Mayors Court in Independence, Ohio, hears only misdemeanor offenses that occurred within the city limits, except second DUI, second driving under suspension, domestic violence, and stalking arrests. Those types of cases and others will be heard in either Garfield Heights Municipal Court or Cuyahoga County Court.

The Independence Mayor’s Court is in session every other Wednesday at 9:00 am.

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Facing the weight of the criminal justice system without an expert by your side can be a risky endeavor. Your freedom, reputation, and future opportunities are on the line. At Patituce & Associates, we are more than just lawyers; we’re your dedicated advocates in your hour of need. Don’t navigate this journey alone; let our experienced team be your beacon of hope. Secure the best possible outcome for your situation and take the first step towards a brighter future. Reach out to us today at (216) 208-4417, and let us defend your rights.

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