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Challenging Convictions in Ohio

If you have been convicted of criminal charges, you have a right to challenge that conviction through a direct appeal. What does direct appeal mean? An appeal means that you either went through a trial and lost, or you entered a plea and now want to appeal. An appeal can be a valuable tool for anyone who has been wrongfully convicted, convicted on weak evidence, or convicted because of an error of law.

When you file an appeal, your case will be reviewed by a higher court. This is a complicated process, and our Ohio criminal appeal lawyers at Patituce & Associates, LLC can help. Call us at (440) 471-7784!

Our Cleveland criminal appeal attorney takes the following actions in direct appeal cases:

  • We will read your trial court transcripts to identify legal and procedural errors that may have violated your rights.
  • We will research those errors and submit an extensive, thorough brief to the appellate court.
  • We may also make oral arguments in support of your claims before a panel of three judges.

The appellate court will either affirm or vacate your conviction and/or sentence, depending on the legal arguments presented and the court’s opinion. For assistance, contact our Ohio direct appeal lawyers online or by calling (440) 471-7784

How Much Does It Cost To File An Appeal in Ohio?

Each case is different and the cost varies with how complicated your matter is. For instance, if you wish to appeal a simple plea and sentence that will be less than if you wish to appeal from a full trial or a suppression hearing.

Appeal Process in Ohio

A defendant only has 30 days to notify the court that he/she intends to appeal. Time is very important on an appeal. Typically you must have your notice of appeal filed within 30 days of the last event that happened in your case. Normally the sentencing. If you miss this your appeal might be denied even though you should win.

The procedural nuance after conviction is tricky. Clients cannot raise new evidence in their direct appeal. Direct appeals are limited to what is already in the trial record. There are procedures available to raise new evidence.

Work with an Ohio Appeal Attorney Today!

The appeals process is complicated, and you will need excellent representation to maximize your chances of success. Following your appeal to the District Court of Appeals, you can request to appeal your legal issues to the Supreme Court of Ohio. Skilled appellate representation is critical from an experienced Ohio appeals lawyer. A defendant generally has this one limited opportunity to raise claims of procedural or legal error. Additionally, if your attorney does not properly preserve your claims, you may be defaulted from raising your arguments later, in federal court. If you have been convicted of a crime, it is important to speak with an experienced Ohio direct appeal attorney about all of your options. Contact Patituce & Associates, LLC today by calling (440) 471-7784.