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When a criminal offense is committed involving another’s property, including homes, apartments, or commercial buildings, they are typically referred to as “property crimes.” Arson and vandalism are two examples. In Ohio, property crimes are severely punished, with penalties ranging up to years or even a decade or more in prison after a conviction. Then there are the other potential consequences of a criminal conviction: its impact on employment opportunities, professional licenses, and even the right to own a firearm.

Patituce & Associates, LLC stands ready to protect your interests in the face of property crime allegations. We can help at any stage of a case, whether you’ve been called in as a “person of interest” or have already been arrested and formally charged. Because our team is led by former prosecutors, we know every strategy they and law enforcement may attempt to use to put you behind bars. We also know how to counteract these strategies.

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Types of Property Crime Cases We Handle

Our Cleveland criminal defense firm takes on all types of cases for clients in Ohio. Although some may consider property crimes to be less serious than violent crimes or other offenses that involve causing harm to another person, significant penalties may be enforced, and a conviction can affect you for the rest of your life. That’s why we push and fight for the best results for every client we represent.

We can handle any property crime case in Cleveland, such as:

Cases like these demand unwavering legal counsel, and that is precisely what we provide.

Challenging Property Crime Charges in Cleveland, OH

When it comes to property crimes, there is no such thing as an “open-and-shut” case. You have undeniable rights outlined in the U.S. Constitution to protect you from a wrongful conviction. Precedents set by case law offer additional guidance and protection. Our Cleveland property crime defense lawyers use our knowledge of these matters to build compelling strategies that exploit weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and expose violations of our clients’ rights.

For example:

  • Were you read your Miranda rights, including your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney?
  • Were you subjected to an unlawful search or arrest?
  • Was evidence mishandled in any way?
  • If there was a witness, is this a case of mistaken identity?
  • Was the alleged property crime justified or committed under duress?

These are just a few key questions we may consider when challenging property crime charges.

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