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Defense for Federal Conspiracy Cases in Ohio

Conspiracy is one of the most common charges that federal prosecutors employ—and with good reason. The relevant statutes are fairly broad in their language and don’t require the underlying crime itself be completed. If any pair or group of people agree to work together to violate any federal statute, and any one of them takes any action to move the plan forward, all parties can be prosecuted. It’s a dangerous situation to be in, and you need to take important steps right away to protect yourself. In Cleveland, Patituce & Associates is one of the most experienced criminal defense law firms when it comes to protecting people from federal conspiracy prosecutions.

United States attorneys are the federal version of a district attorney—and U.S. Attorneys have access to financial and law enforcement resources that even the best-funded DA could only dream of. You need your legal team to have the experience, integrity, insight, and toughness to attack the charges against you from all angles. Because Federal Sentencing Guidelines are much less forgiving than most state sentencing formulas, do not leave your defense to anyone but the strongest attorneys available.

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“I hired Mr. Patituce to defend me on federal charges. I initially hired an attorney who talked a good game but in the end did nothing for me. Mr. Patituce took the case over, communicated with me, and aggressively defended me. He did not judge me, but instead protected me. In the end my case worked out great. I owe him everything, my family owes him everything.”- Shelly (Client)

Charged in a Federal Conspiracy Case?

Federal conspiracy charges are some of the most pernicious allegations around because they can be triggered by the barest of evidence that you’ve agreed to commit a federal crime and taken some action to do so. Some of the conspiracies that federal prosecutors have charged were unlikely to ever have been implemented and amount to a few people sitting around dreaming of being outlaws.

In other cases, one individual may verbally agree to go along with someone else’s scheme while having no idea that the person intended to follow through. Later, one participant to the plan starts researching how to achieve it or buying supplies to implement it—and suddenly everyone is caught in the dragnet. You don’t have to sign a contract with a co-conspirator to be charged. You don’t even have to commit the crime you’ve talked about. If you and another person discuss robbing a bank and the other person goes out and buys masks and gloves to further the scheme, you can both be charged with and convicted for conspiracy.

Sentences can be lengthy and because the federal system uses extensive mandatory minimum sentencing structures, you’ll have a long wait before you’re eligible to be considered for parole or early release. These charges are serious and can rob you of years of your life on even fairly flimsy evidence. Don’t take chances with your future when you’ve been charged by the US Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Ohio.

What Laws Apply in a Federal Conspiracy Case?

There are several statutes that come into play in federal conspiracy charges. Title 18 of the U.S. Code includes several conspiracy statutes routinely charged in the Northern District of Ohio—including conspiracy to commit mail or wire fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1349). Mail and wire fraud charges can be used where financial frauds were perpetrated over phone lines, the U.S. Postal System, and even through electronic communications.

Under 18 U.S.C. § 371, it is a crime for two or more persons to conspire either to commit any offense against the U.S. or to defraud the U.S. This basically means any crime that violates federal law, which can include bank robbery or any crimes that cross state lines, is subject to prosecution if it is planned by multiple people.

It also means plans to defraud the government or its agencies can be prosecuted as conspiracies.

Experienced Defense for Federal Conspiracy in Cleveland

If you have been charged by federal prosecutors in connection to a conspiracy in the Northern District of Ohio, protect yourself right away. Patituce & Associates is a firm with broad experience in federal court and in dealing with the US Attorney’s office. We fight for you, and we can protect you from some of the worst outcomes in your case.

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