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Whether you’re facing a traffic matter or something as serious as a drunk driving charge, working with an experienced Seven Hills criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in your case – and the rest of your life. Consider the potential penalties for pleading guilty to operating a vehicle while intoxicated: You can lose your license for as long as three years, and even serve up to six months in jail. A record that includes a drunk driving conviction can keep you out of jobs and even career fields. Our Seven Hills criminal defense attorneys are ready to defend you against any criminal charge. Call (440) 471-7784 to speak with a lawyer for free.

Don’t make the mistake of pleading guilty or making a decision about your case without a Seven Hills defense lawyer by your side. When a person is charged with a violation of local ordinances, DUI/OVI, or misdemeanor crimes in Ohio, their case will typically first be heard in the local Mayor’s Court.

In Seven Hills, the Mayor’s Court meets twice a month, and you’ll be expected to enter a plea in your matter when you appear there. If you plead guilty, you’ll take the penalties as ordered by the court. If you plead not guilty, your matter will move to the Parma Municipal Court, in Parma, Ohio.

Seven Hills Mayor’s Court Information

Cases charged in Seven Hills will be transferred to Parma Municipal Court when the defendant pleads not guilty.

Types of Cases Heard

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Misdemeanor Criminal

Clerk of Court:

  • Debbie Dvorak, Clerk of Court
  • Mary Dolansky, Assistant Clerk of Court

Make the Right Choice for Your Future

Even if you’re not a resident of Seven Hills, local police can charge you in connection to a number of violations or crimes that will require you to report to court there. The question you need to consider is whether you want to live with the consequences of what they say you’ve done – or fight back against the charges and potentially move on with your life without a blemish on your record. Criminal convictions, even when they result from a guilty plea, can have a strongly negative impact on your life. Some charges will be punished with fines, but others will result in jail or prison time and leave you in a position of having to explain a criminal record to future employers. Some misdemeanor charges can even impact things like your right to own firearms in the future.

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Don’t risk your future or your reputation on anything but right defense team for your case. At Patituce & Associates, we are experienced criminal defense attorneys in Seven Hills, OH who have also served as Ohio prosecutors. We know how the other side will build the case against you, and we can help you fight back in Seven Hills Mayor’s Court and in Parma Municipal Court. If you’re facing charges following an incident in Seven Hills, call us today at (440) 471-7784 and talk to a lawyer for free. We have experienced attorneys at our office locations in Independence and Downtown Cleveland ready to speak with you and help you build a strong defense.