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Coercion can result in serious penalties, including time behind bars and fines. It is important to understand that coercion is often charged in addition to other criminal allegations, meaning you will likely face even more extensive penalties, from jail time to extensive fines. Having a strong defense is more crucial than ever during this time. Our team of Cincinnati coercion attorneys have 30+ years of combined experience. Contact us today at 440-471-7784.

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Understanding Coercion Charges in Ohio (O.R.C. 2905.12)

When an individual uses threats or unlawful leverage to force a person to take certain actions, it can be considered coercion.

  • In Ohio, O.R.C. 2905.12 dictates that coercion can include threatening to:
  • Commit a criminal offense
  • Expose personal secrets
  • Speak ill of / slander a person

All of these actions must be taken in order to influence the person’s actions in some way counter to what their personal choice would have been.

Ohio Penalties for Coercion

Coercion is considered a second-degree misdemeanor that carries up to 90 days in jail. This crime is often not so simple, however, as prosecutors must often prove coercion occurred in order to tie in other more serious charges.

If you are charged with coercion in addition to other criminal offenses, you could be facing a variety of penalties ranging from time in jail to fines, and more. It is very rare that coercion is the only charge filed against an individual, which means you are likely to face indictments for crimes such as extortion, organized crimes, and more.

At our firm, the Cincinnati coercion lawyers stand ready to advocate on your behalf. We stand up for the legal rights of our clients and diligently defend their best interests. Contact the team at Patituce & Associates to schedule an initial consultation at (440) 471-7784 today.