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Extortion can be defined as using threats in order to obtain property or money, or to force a person to do something for you. The penalties for extortion can be steep, especially if they involve other charges as well. If you have been accused of threatening a person with violent action or threatening to reveal information about them that would potentially cause them harm, you may be facing serious charges.

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Penalties for Extortion in Ohio

Extortion is considered a third-degree felony. Just by itself, a conviction of extortion could land you with a prison sentence that lasts between nine months and five years. If your extortion case is connected with other charges, your case could be prosecuted under organized crime statutes.

  • Any felony record in Ohio will prevent you from obtaining the following:
  • Jobs
  • Educational opportunities
  • Housing
  • Much more

It is of utmost importance that you have a skilled team of legal professionals behind you as you fight your charges. If convicted, you could face life-changing consequences. As a team with the insight of several former prosecutors, we are able to take an innovative approach to representation. Our goal is to give you an edge in court, and to fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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