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Patituce & Associates is an experienced criminal defense law firm with an office in Beachwood, Ohio. We are proud to defend clients throughout Eastern Cuyahoga County, Lake County, and Geauga County. Our Beachwood criminal defense lawyers aggressively fight to defend our clients, obtaining life-changing outcomes for our clients. With 95-98% of cases never going to court, the fact that our firm hastried more than 200 cases before a jury is a testament to our approach.We aren’t afraid to fight your charges. If your case warrants going to trial, we’ll do it—which is why prosecutors will be more likely to reduce their charges or drop the case altogether.

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Beachwood Mayor’s Court Information

If you’re arrested or cited for a misdemeanor in Beachwood and do not wish to fight the charge, your case will be heard in Mayor’s Court. If you plan to contest the charge or citation, your case will be heard in either Shaker Heights Municipal Court (if it is a misdemeanor) or Cuyahoga County Court (if it is a felony).

  • Beachwood Mayor’s Court:
    2700 Richmond Road,
    Beachwood, OH 44122 |
    Phone: 216-464-2343
  • Shaker Heights Municipal Court:
    3344 Lee Road,
    Shaker Heights, OH 44120 |
    Phone: 216-491-1300

Have You Been Arrested for Drunk Driving in Beachwood?

Our law firm gets results for our clients because we have a real understanding of how to defend our clients from DUI/OVI charges. Many people (including some criminal defense attorneys!) have no idea that Ohio OVI law stipulates that there are really two legal limits in Ohio. The first legal limit is fairly commonly known: 0.08. The second legal limit, the upper limit, is 0.17. If you fail a breathalyzer test with a result over 0.17, you face additional, escalated penalties.

Often, people looking for a DUI lawyer call and ask our opinion on entering a “no contest” plea at arraignment, and in their mind saving time, money, and energy. This might seem like a good idea…at first. However, if you consider that there could be a license suspension, fines, insurance increases, jail time, and other penalties, it quickly becomes obvious that entering a plea of “no contest” at arraignment is generally avery bad idea.

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Our highly skilled Beachwood criminal defense lawyers work hard for our clients. We understand that a mere accusation can have a lasting impact on your life; a full conviction can ruin not only your life, but the lives of those who rely on you. That’s why we will challenge the evidence and fight for our clients in the way that most benefits their future. If a plea deal is favorable to your position, we’ll fight for the best deal possible; if your case is strong enough to bring before a jury, we’ll prepare for trial without a moment’s hesitation.

Often, we hear complaints that other criminal defense attorneys try to push their clients into a plea without challening the evidence after an arrest. We always prepare as if we are going to take a case to trial, putting pressure on the government to reduce or drop your charges. We cover all of your bases and provide you with what you need to make informed decisions. After looking at all of the evidence, we will give you our honest opinion as to what we feel you should do as experienced criminal lawyers—and we will completely support you in that decision.

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