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Securing Writings by Deception

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When it comes to prosecuting theft crimes that rely on deception, using false information to cause another person to dispose of or encumber property, or create a financial obligation on the part of the other person, may be charged with Securing writings by deception (O.R.C. 2913.43) by Cleveland prosecutors. As a base charge, you’re facing a First Degree Misdemeanor, which can put you away for up to six months, but in most cases prosecutors charge O.R.C. 2913.43 at the felony level.

  • When the value of the property or obligation ismore than $1,000, the charge becomes a Fifth Degree Felony with penalties (12 months maximum sentence).

  • If the value ismore than $7,500, Securing writings by deception is a Fourth Degree Felony (18 month maximum sentence).

  • If the value involved ismore than $150,000, you’re looking at a Third Degree Felony charge, which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.

Similarly, there are various protected classes of people, such as the elderly, disabled, and service members and their families that, when they are the victims of the crime, can cause your misdemeanor charge to be elevated to a felony. Even if you avoid jail time, living with a misdemeanor or felony theft conviction is extremely difficult, and moving on after your experience will be complicated when you seek employment, housing, educational opportunities, or government services. The attorneys at Patituce & Associates can help. We defend people in the Cleveland, Ohio, area against even the most serious criminal charges, and our experience as former prosecutors means that we can offer the highest qualitycriminal defense in every case we handle.

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