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Juvenile Crimes

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Will a Juvenile Crime Stay on My Record Forever?

Juvenile Records Ohio Are juvenile records automatically sealed? In Ohio, sealing juvenile records can be an automatic process, depending on the specific circumstances of the criminal offense. Sealing means that the juvenile record is no longer part of the court’s main records. Instead, it is moved somewhere else. Once a record is sealed, the minor doesn’t have to admit to previous wrongdoing. It will be as if the crime never occurred to all other people…

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Do Juveniles Have the Right to Trial by Jury?

If your child has been recently accused of a crime, you likely have a thousand questions running through your mind about what he or she might be facing. Typically, adult crimes and criminal proceedings follow a standard trajectory, but does juvenile court follow the same rules? For example, if an adult commits a crime, he or she has the choice of having a trial decided by a judge or determined by a jury of his…

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