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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Ohio?

In April of 2016, the House chamber was introduced to the idea of the legalization of medical marijuana. In conjunction with Senate oversight, the state of Ohio authorized the legal use of medical marijuana as of September 8, 2016. This came in the form of House Bill 523 through the Ohio Legislature (134th General Assembly). Due to this accomplishment, Ohio is exploring ways for its residents to have greater access to dispensaries and treatment plans….

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What Is Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs?

Contact Us Under O.R.C. 2925.03, a person commits drug trafficking when they sell or offer to sell a controlled substance. They may also face charges when they transport or prepare for shipment any drug they know will be sold (whether they are the one doing the selling or someone else is). What is Aggravated Drug Trafficking? In some instances, drug trafficking is considered an aggravated offense. When a crime is “aggravated,” that means some element…

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Patituce & Associates Achieves Win in Drug Trafficking Case

Attorney Aaron A. Schwartz, with assistance from Attorney Danielle Parker, achieved a big win in a recent case. We were hired to defend a man charged in 3 separate cases for drug trafficking. From the beginning, we were treated with nothing but disdain because we were representing a “drug dealer.” However, our team didn’t see it that way. We were defending a person presumed innocent, and we were going to fight all the way to…

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Cleveland May Decriminalize Marijuana Possession Soon

Cleveland City Council members are expected to soon approve an ordinance that would eliminate fines or jail time for possession of fewer than 200 grams of cannabis in the city. The legislation is currently being reviewed by Mayor Jackson’s administration and hasn’t been returned to the City Council. The ordinance was introduced by Cleveland City Councilmember Blaine Griffin last summer and explained that even minor penalties are too harsh for some individuals and can result…

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