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Patituce & Associates Lands Acquittal in Tevin Biles-Thomas Case

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Our team at Patituce & Associates achieved a major win on behalf of our client Tevin Biles-Thomas.

In 2019, Mr. Biles-Thomas was arrested and charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, and felonious assault, among other charges. He was alleged to have been involved in a fatal shooting that took the lives of three individuals.

Shortly before midnight on December 31, 2018, uninvited guests had shown up at a New Year’s Eve party Mr. Biles-Thomas was attending. A little after their arrival, a fight broke out, and shots were fired. Multiple people were hit – two people died at the scene, and one died later in the hospital. Mr. Biles-Thomas was identified as one of the alleged shooters.

Attorney Joseph Patituce and team filed a petition with the court, arguing that the prosecution lacked sufficient evidence to prove that Mr. Biles-Thomas was one of the shooters. Judge Joan Synenberg of the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court agreed and granted the motion to dismiss the case.

Mr. Biles-Thomas was acquitted of all charges against him.

This has been a grueling two and half years for Mr. Biles-Thomas and all parties involved. We are happy that the judge reviewed every detail of the case and recognized that there was insufficient evidence to prove that our client was involved in the shooting. Mr. Patituce said that Mr. Biles-Thomas was beyond relieved following the decision. The team at Patituce & Associates, as well as Mr. Biles-Thomas, maintained our client’s innocence and are ecstatic that there was a just outcome.

We also recognize that this is a difficult time for the victims’ families and understand the pain they’re going through.

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