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Pulled Over by Police? Let Siri Record the Incident

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From telling you the current time and today’s weather to sending out text messages and e-mails, Siri is Apple’s virtual assistant, capable of performing a wide array of tasks. Now, it can also discreetly record an encounter with law enforcement if you’re ever pulled over—without touching the screen or pressing a button.

As part of a new iOS 12 feature called Shortcuts, an add-on called “Police—created by Robert Petersen, a Redditor from Arizona—provides drivers with a greater sense of security in the event of a police traffic stop. Petersen understands that many police encounters consist of only police and citizen testimony as evidence since not all cops wear body cameras and the process of releasing body camera footage is not often done in a timely manner.

All iPhone users have to say is, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over.” The virtual assistant will then put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode, silence notifications, pause your music, and dim your screen brightness—essentially eliminating any sort of distraction while you focus on interacting with the police officer.

Then your phone will begin recording the incident and also sent a text message to a specified emergency contact with your current location.

Once you finish recording and press “Keep”, Police will send a copy of the footage to a designated contact and return your phone’s functions back to normal.

Petersen believes that the shortcut will be unnecessary the vast majority of the time. However, if such a situation ever arises, users will be glad to have an extra set of eyes—or more specifically, lens—to document police actions.

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