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As former prosecutors, the lawyers at Patituce & Associates, LLC have handled cases ranging from murder to white collar crimes to everything in between. With more than 70 years of combined legal experience and more than 200 trials among us, our Akron white collar crimes lawyers can skillfully guide you through the process. Our firm does not sell our clients, instead, we focus on securing the best outcome possible for your case.  

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What Makes White Collar Crimes So Serious?

White collar prosecutions often involve the following factors:

  • Federal charges and the corresponding federal sentencing guidelines may be at the heart of the case
  • More resources may have gone into investigations when federal agencies are involved
  • You could be facing the full weight and strength of the federal government
  • Prosecutors who handle these types of cases often have smaller caseloads so that they can concentrate on these serious cases
  • Whistleblowers may be involved because there might be a financial incentive for them to reveal incriminating evidence to federal agencies 

These factors indicate why you need a highly skilled and experienced Akron criminal defense lawyer. 

Akron White Collar Crimes Our Lawyers Handle

As Akron white collar crimes lawyers, we have protected clients who were facing various financial and white collar offenses, including embezzling money from schools or employers, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, and many others. 

Here is a sample of the cases we regularly handle:  

  • Mail or wire fraud – Mail or wire fraud may be charged when a person uses the federal mail system or electronic wires to carry out the fraud.  
  • Investment fraud – Investment fraud occurs when a stockbroker or other person or entity provides false information to induce members of the public to invest in certain securities. 
  • Mortgage fraud – Mortgage fraud can involve any party involved in the mortgage process who provides false information for the purpose of securing a mortgage transaction, including individual buyers, bankers, or institutions. 
  • Prescription drug fraud – Prescription fraud can take on many different forms and involve patients and doctors, including using stolen prescription pads, billing for prescriptions not made, and altering legitimate prescriptions.
  • Tax fraud – Tax evasion or underreporting information can result in charges for tax fraud.
  • RICO crimes –Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) charges may apply if someone is suspected of committing crimes in association with an organization, such as setting up shell businesses to hide drug money. 
  • Embezzlement – Embezzlement occurs when an employee who is trusted to handle their employer’s assets steals or otherwise misuses it for their own purposes. 
  • Theft from businesses – Theft from businesses can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor offense, depending on the amount of property allegedly stolen.
  • Forgery – A person may be charged with forgery if they sell or distribute forged identification cards 

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At Patituce & Associates, LLC, we are very selective about the types of cases we accept. We do not take every case that we are asked about. We know that defending individuals from white collar crimes takes considerable skill and resources, and we stand ready to deliver. Call us today at 440-471-7784 for your free case review.