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What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

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If you have false allegations ofrape or other forms ofsexual assault against you, it is critical to take immediate action. Although our nation’s courts assume each person is innocent until proven guilty, even mere allegations can destroy your personal and professional reputation.

Unfortunately, defending oneself from these types of accusations is often extremely difficult. Regardless of the merits of the charges against you, time is of the essence.

The following are effective steps to take to protect yourself from conviction:

  • Understand the gravity of the situation. Although the allegations against you may not be true, this doesn’t mean that they are just going to disappear. Many people deny and minimize the amount of trouble they are in, which can result in more legal troubles down the road. Educate yourself about the charges, your rights, and the legal system.
  • Hire a lawyer. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the criminal justice process alone. You want acriminal defense attorney with experience and an exceptional track record in sex crime cases. He or she can evaluate your case, determine all of your legal options available, and build an effective defense strategy in order to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.
  • Prepare for the costs of your defense. Your lawyer may need expert witness testimony, special psychological tests, and other forms of evidence collection that can benefit your case. You should prepare for these costs.
  • Document your case. It is wise to create a timeline, starting with the time you met accusing party up until today. Write down everything that you can remember—the more details, the better. Additionally, compile a list of witnesses.
  • Don’t say anything. Exercise your right to remain silent, even prior to being read your Miranda warning. Police are not looking out for your best interest and any statements you make can be used as evidence against you. If the police show up at your door, do not panic. Avoid any attempt to explain yourself out of the situation. You always want your lawyer present whenever you speak with police.

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