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Penalties For Voyeurism in Ohio (O.R.C. 2907.08)

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps Those Facing Voyeurism (O.R.C. 2907.08) Charges

Voyeurism (O.R.C. 2907.08) is the act of committing trespass or otherwise invading a person’s privacy for the purpose of spying, eavesdropping, filming, or otherwise recording another, for the purposes of sexual gratification or arousal.

It is usually charged as a misdemeanor offense, except where the victim is a minor in a state of nudity, which is a fifth degree felony and carries a maximum sentence of 12 months.

Otherwise, the scale works like this. When you commit voyeurism by spying or eavesdropping for the purposes of sexual gratification, you will be charged with a third degree misdemeanor and face a maximum sentence of 60 days.

Where you film, videotape, or otherwise record a person in a state of nudity, you’ll face a second degree misdemeanor charge, with a maximum sentence of 90 days.

Where you surreptitiously record a person through or under their clothing, you’ll be charged with a first degree misdemeanor, and face a sentence of up to six months.

Voyeurism charges are a serious matter and can have significant consequences for you in the future.

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