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Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

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Facing criminal charges can be a terrifying experience, particularly for those who have never been accused of a crime before. If you’re being charged with a serious crime, you will want to have the best possible criminal defense lawyer on your side. While some people do represent themselves in court, it’s often best to leave your case in the hands of a trained professional. The legal system is designed in such a way that even with the best mind and a high IQ, representing yourself in a competent manner is almost impossible.

If you don’t have sufficient income to hire a private attorney, you will be assigned a public defender. Make sure you talk to your attorney and ask him or her what information he or she needs from you to help you get out on bail. If you can afford an attorney, look for specialized criminal defense attorneys. Some lawyers spread themselves too thin by working on different areas of law, such as family law or estate planning. However, some lawyers specialize in criminal defense and focus all their attention on that one subject, meaning they understand it incredibly well. Some attorneys also specialize in a type of crime, such as driving under the influence (DUI). Do your research and find one who might be well-suited to take your case.

When researching an attorney, consider their years of experience, their familiarity representing people who have been accused of similar crimes, and their track record. Do they have a good track record of getting charges dropped or reduced? Are they familiar with litigation in case the court goes to trial? Also, consider how expensive hiring a lawyer will be. While every penny is worth keeping your freedom, will you be able to afford to pay?

Last, look for a local attorney. While there are many famous and nationally recognized lawyers out there, a local lawyer offers you some advantages. He or she will not only be familiar with the population likely to represent your jury, but he or she may know the public defender or judge who may be working on your case. That kind of familiarity is useful in a case, as it could give them an advantage.

If you need help defending your rights and freedom, don’t hesitate to call our skilled Cleveland criminal defense lawyers. Patituce & Associates has more than 70 years of experience to put to work on your case, and our lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients through one of the most troubling, confusing times in their lives.

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