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OVI is a serious offense in Ohio that can result in the loss of your driving privileges, time behind bars, and expensive fines. If you are facing OVI charges, you need an experienced Canton DUI defense lawyer in your corner. 

At Patituce & Associates, our OVI defense lawyers know how serious these charges are and can use our extensive experience to aggressively defend these charges against you. Let us help protect your legal rights and your future. Contact us today at (513) 224-5084 for a free case review by an experienced Canton DUI defense lawyer. 

Potential Penalties for OVI 

The penalties for OVI are serious, and these cases are aggressively prosecuted. If you are convicted of OVI, you can face the following consequences:

  • First OVI – Up to six months in jail, and alcohol abuse program, and up to $1,075 in fines
  • Second OVI – Up to six months in jail, house arrest, and/or alcohol monitoring, and fines up to $1,625.
  • Third OVI – Up to one year in jail, with a minimum of 60 days for BACs of .17% or above, drug or alcohol program, installation of an ignition interlock device, a restricted license plates, and fines up to $2,500.
  • Fourth OVI – Up to 30 months behind bars, installation of an ignition interlock device, restricted license plates, and fines up to $10,000 in fines. Permanent license suspension may be enforced.

The penalties can be even higher if you had a high BAC or a prior history of refusals. 

We Help Clients Get Favorable Results in OVI Cases

At Patituce & Associates, we dedicate about half of our caseload to OVI cases. This focus has allowed us to develop effective strategies to protect our clients’ rights and freedom. Some of the results we have achieved for our clients include:

  • Having criminal charges against them dismissed
  • Preserving their driving privileges at administrative hearings
  • Reducing OVI charges to a lesser offense
  • Having our clients acquitted at trial

Our team has the skill and determination you can count on during this critical time in your life. 

Possible Defenses We Might Raise in Your Case

As experienced trial attorneys, we will look for every possible defense that we can raise on your behalf. Depending on the circumstances, defenses may include:

  • Police had no reasonable suspicion to support the traffic stop
  • Insufficient evidence existed for the law enforcement officer to conduct field sobriety tests
  • The law enforcement officer did not execute field sobriety tests according to accepted standards
  • Chain of custody was broken of your lab samples
  • Inaccurate breath, blood, or urine results occurred because of poor calibration or improper testing procedures
  • The defendant has a medical condition that affects the reading of a BAC in such a way that their BAC would have been lower at the time of driving

Contact an Experienced Canton DUI Defense Lawyer for Help Defending Your Rights

If you are charged with OVI, it is imperative that you promptly seek the help of an experienced Canton criminal defense lawyer who can defend your rights. We have a high track record of success and the extensive experience you can rely on when your freedom hangs in the balance. Contact Patituce & Associates today for your free consultation.