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Can the Police Use Lies to Obtain a Search Warrant?

Many of our clients come to us at first feeling hopeless about their situation: either they have had an attorney that does not care, or does not know how to fight a search warrant that contains lies or misrepresentations in it. They often ask “What can we do? It’s our word against the police!” There are many different types of lies or misrepresentations in search warrants. Some of these can be rather minor such as…

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Top 5 Most Common Mistakes Criminal Lawyers Make

I have had the unique experience of taking cases to trial as both a prosecutor (on behalf of the government) and as a defense attorney. All of the attorneys that work for me are also former prosecutors. We routinely spend time in and out of court talking about the common pitfalls that a competent criminal lawyer needs to avoid, and how to avoid them. We often see attorneys making some very bad mistakes and that…

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