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3 Things You Need to Know About Ohio Gun Laws

What Are the Gun Laws in Ohio? Ohio law acknowledges the right to bear arms, but there are some regulations regarding the possession, use, and sale of firearms and ammunition. While federal law provides restrictions on gun transactions and ownership, Ohio law is mostly concerned with the transportation and carrying of guns.If you or someone you love is facing a gun-related charge in Ohio, you deserve to know your rights and know that our criminal…

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Interfering with Child Custody Orders: Cleveland Criminal Defense Lawyer

Interfering with a child custody order is actually illegal in the state of Ohio. This can arise when one party of a separation or divorce will not return the child once their time is up. In other cases, it occurs when a relative or a friend of the family refuses to return the child to his or her parent or guardian. Whether the offending parent has custodial rights or not, this charge can be imposed….

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Attorney Joe Patituce Speaks About Ohio Supreme Court Bail Ruling

Attorney Joe Patituce Speaks About Ohio Supreme Court Bail Ruling Old Bail Practices Penalized the Poor In the past, when making bail decisions in criminal cases, prosecutors would often request excessively high bail amounts, citing public safety concerns. However, many detractors of this practice point out that, in practice, this does not generally improve public safety and effectively penalizes the poor. This past January, the Ohio Supreme Court announced that prosecutors can no longer do…

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31 Suspects Arrested for Online Child Sex Crimes Operation

The Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) and the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office arrested 31 suspects involved in an undercover online child sex crimes operation as part of “Operation Deja Vu.” These suspects, ranging from ages 20 to 80 and coming from 5 different counties, reportedly engaged in sexually explicit online conversations with people who they believed were minor children. As a result of the undercover operation, 33 cell phones, 10 vehicles, drugs, champagne, lubricants,…

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