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OVI Task Force Announces Checkpoint in North Ridgeville

Memorial Day Weekend is traditionally a time to celebrate the start of summer. For some, festivities might include gathering with friends and family and imbibing in an alcoholic beverage or two. Along with celebrations, the weekend also brings with it an increased police presence in the form of OVI checkpoints. Officers can stop random cars passing through to determine whether or not drivers are under the influence of alcohol. In some cases, arrests may result….

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How to Avoid a DUI During the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with joy, eating out, and festive events with family and friends. Alcohol consumption is often part of the festivities, too, which can become problematic. Starting with Thanksgiving Eve—known as “Black Wednesday”—the United States experiences an increase inDUI arrests, as well as drunk driving accidents and fatalities, every year. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Transportation, an average of 300 people are killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents between…

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How Can I Be Charged with a Marijuana DUI in Ohio?

Although medical marijuana is legal in Ohio, patients are prohibited from medicating before or while operating a motor vehicle. Just like some prescription drugs, cannabis can cause drowsiness, slow your reaction time, and hinder your ability to drive in general. Driving while under the influence of cannabis can result in aDUI/OVI charge. A conviction for a first-time DUI offense is punishable by a maximum $1,075 fine,driver’s license suspension for up to three years, and a…

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Aggravated DUI in Ohio

Aggravated Circumstances DUI in Ohio A DUI/OVI conviction in Ohio can lead to harsh penalties. For example, a first-time offense is a first-degree misdemeanor that is punishable by a maximum six-month jail sentence (with a minimum of three days), fines of up to $1,075, and license suspension for up to three years. However, there are several aggravating factors can increase the severity of penalties drunk driving suspects face. High BAC DUI in Ohio If your…

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