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Theft Crimes

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Is Receiving Stolen Property Considered Theft?

Ohio Receiving Stolen Property Receiving stolen property is a type of theft crime. The elements for the offense are enumerated in Chapter 2913 of the Ohio Revised Code, which concerns theft and fraud. If you are convicted of receiving stolen property, you face penalties similar to those imposed for theft.  Now, if you accidentally receive stolen goods – whether you purchased it or were gifted it – you likely won’t face criminal charges. However, if…

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Is Robbery a First-Degree or Second-Degree Felony?

In Ohio, robbery is a serious crime. It is always charged as a felony, which is considered a more serious offense than a misdemeanor. Depending on the circumstances, robbery could be either a second- or first-degree offense. What causes the degree to elevate are aggravating factors. What Is Robbery? Under O.R.C. 2911.02, robbery is a crime that occurs when an individual commits a theft offense and either has a deadly weapon, causes or threatens to…

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