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Protecting Prisoners’ Rights During COVID-19: Resources & Legal Help

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Absent bold and immediate action, Ohio prisoners will fall ill and die in unprecedented numbers. Inaction in the face of this pandemic is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment and violates the rights of all prisoners in the custody of ODRC.

On April 2, 2020, Attorneys Kimberly Kendall Corral and Megan Patituce from Patituce & Associates with Attorneys Jacqueline Green and Sarah Gelsomino, partners in the firm of Friedman and Gilbert, took that bold action by formally requesting that Governor Dewine grant a reprieve for specific groups of inmates who are in some of the most at-risk categories.

The move seeks to protect inmates, correction officers, and the general public from the result of a viral bomb erupting in prisons across the State. These attorneys came together and collaborated in a way that few attorneys would be willing to do. Read the full story on Cleveland.com.

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