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Charges of Disrupting Public Services

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Damaging or tampering with communication and transportation infrastructure in Ohio is a serious crime. When prosecutors in Cleveland have evidence that you’ve engaged in such conduct, you can be charged with Disrupting Public Services (O.R.C. 2909.04). This is a fourth degree felony with a possible 6-18 months in prison if convicted.

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The statute is geared toward protecting emergency services, so impeding mass communications services, law enforcement communications, or other communications systems being used for public service or emergency communications is a crime.

Impeding public transportation, or tampering with gas, electric, water, or other utilities is also prohibited. Impeding the ability of law enforcement or first responders to access an emergency or render aid to people is a crime under the statute. Some types of hacking may also fall under the umbrella, as using a computer to impede communications is also prohibited.

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