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As parents ourselves, our juvenile criminal defense team understands the tense emotions and distress of learning that your child is facing criminal charges. Although you may take solace in the fact that they are children and face different standards in court, it is still absolutely imperative that you hire a lawyer to defend your child’s rights and fight for his or her future.

In many cases, prosecutors in juvenile cases are new and relatively inexperienced in the criminal justice system. This means that you need to fight aggressively for your child’s freedom and your child’s future.

At Patituce & Associates, our criminal defense team takes every case seriously, especially those in which our clients are juveniles. With more than three decades of experience, we have the resources and knowledge to effectively handle a wide variety of cases. Additionally, several members of our team served as former prosecutors, giving us an edge in crafting a strong defense for your child’s case. Contact the Cincinnati juvenile defense lawyers 440-471-7784!

Facts about the Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system is very different that the adult justice system. Rights that you think your child has may not exist in this system at all. Take a look at the differences in the juvenile justice system:

  • Juveniles do not have a right to trial by jury
  • Juveniles do not have a right to bond or bail
  • Juveniles face different crime sentences

If, for example, a juvenile is convicted of a felony, he or she could stay in prison for 6 months or up until they turn 21. In many cases, a juvenile could receive lengthier jail time than an adult would in the same situation. This underscores the need for an attorney.

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To ensure that your child’s rights are protected throughout case proceedings, don’t hesitate to contact our firm. We will fight tenaciously on your child’s behalf and craft a case that lets their voice be heard. We offer free consultations and take payments by cash, check, money order, and major credit cards. Contact Patituce & Associates for more information about your child’s case!