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Several members of our team are former prosecutors—and we have children ourselves. If our children ever faced charges in juvenile court, you should absolutely hire a juvenile crimes lawyer from Patituce & Associates to defend them. Juvenile charges can change your child’s life.

Often, these charges are brought by inexperienced prosecutors who are just being taught, for the first time, how to prosecute cases. That’s right. In the vast majority of cases, your child has been charged by a prosecutor who has virtually no experience in the criminal justice system.

What does this mean? It means that you need to fight, and fight aggressively, to protect your child’s freedom and their future. ur family crimes lawyers have decades of experience handling juvenile criminal cases.

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If you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, it is important to find someone who is familiar with the local laws and court system in Summit County. At Patituce & Associates, LLC, our attorneys have experience representing clients in the Summit County Juvenile Court and have established positive relationships with the judges and prosecutors in the court. Our previous experience in this particular court allows us to effectively prepare our clients and their cases for their hearings.

Vision Statement

The Summit County Juvenile Court strives to serve the best interests of our children, through outreach, early intervention, community education and innovative programming, while fairly administering justice to all whose lives are impacted by the juvenile justice system.

Child Responsibility Project

Since its inception in 1976, the objectives of the Child Responsibility Project have been twofold: to provide meaningful work experience for youth offenders while teaching them accountability for their actions and the consequences of delinquent acts that result in property damage, property loss or personal injury.

The Child Responsibility Project offers young offenders the opportunity to literally “pay” for their crimes. By performing activities at minimum wage, the youths pay up to $600 in restitution to the victims of their crime. The youths receive no money and the County Fiscal Office forwards a check to the victims when the work assignment is completed.

The Child Responsibility Project also has a community service component for youths found guilty of similar offenses but the victims do not seek restitution. Youths aged 12 to 17 are the target group for this project and no youth can be referred to the project more than three times.

Crossroads Program

The Crossroads Program serves children with substance abuse/dependence problems and mental illness, most commonly referred to as “co-occurring disorders.” Juveniles with a substance dependence diagnosis can also be accepted into the program, as well as youth who may be diagnosed solely with an affective mental health disorder.

The Crossroads program is intensive probation and lasts a minimum of one year. Each child has a case plan and community agencies provide services to the children and their families, including treatment for substance abuse and mental health, family and individual counseling, educational, vocational and employment services. Drug screening is conducted regularly while the child is in the program.

Participants are required to attend regular court hearings to review progress and sanctions are issued for program violations. Frequency of court reviews also decrease as the children progress through the program with positive rewards offered for children who achieve program goals. The program also works with parents and children to strengthen and improve the family unit through counseling.

New Paths Program

The New Paths program is a specialized intervention service offered to families of children with a developmental disability or cognitive delay. Specially trained Court Officers work with the family and youth to assist in facilitating their involvement through the juvenile justice system.

Once identified as a special needs child the New Paths Court Officer will act at the primary liaison between the family and the Court, and follow the family through the intake, assessment, adjudication, and supervision of the child. Ordinarily, this process may involve several Court workers from multiple departments, but the New Paths program recognizes that having a single Court Officer promotes consistency and continuity of care.

New Paths is the first initiative in the State of Ohio to develop a dedicated docket to provide for and accommodate special needs youth.


Staying Accident Free Through Education (SAFTE) is a voluntary diversion and education program for first-time juvenile traffic offenders. The program meets twice per month and the juvenile is permitted to participate in the program just one time. The SAFTE program also seeks to educate parents and guardians on the dangers commonly experienced by juvenile drivers, as well as the parental responsibilities for the juvenile driver.

Thinking For a Change

Thinking for a Change is a cognitive behavioral therapy program for youth involved with the Juvenile Court’s traditional probation department. This group meets once per week with a designated Probation Officer to address the thought processes and habits that lead to a youth’s at-risk behavior. The Thinking for a Change curriculum incorporates different role play scenarios, social skill development and problem solving skills so youth learn how to recognize and positively change their thought-patterns and habits.

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