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The potential penalties for a conviction of DUI are serious. Ohio has had some of the most serious penalties for DUI since the 1990s. Conviction can result in time behind bars, expensive fines up to $10,000, the loss of driving privileges, possibly for life, restricted license, and other serious consequences that can disrupt your life, limit your freedom, and negatively impact your career. 

However, you do not have to face this situation alone. The Sandusky DUI defense lawyers with Patituce & Associates are here to help you. We can provide a serious defense appropriate for the circumstances. Contact us today to learn more.  

How Can a Sandusky DUI Defense Lawyer Help?

A DUI defense lawyer can evaluate your case and develop a legal strategy that is designed to protect your rights and pursue a favorable outcome in your case. Our team consists of former prosecutors who understand the value of strong evidence in your case. We can work to identify, gather, and preserve compelling evidence, such as:

  • The police report
  • Dash camera footage
  • Field sobriety test results
  • Medical records and logs pertaining to your blood, urine, or breath sample

Additionally, we can:

  • Examine your case
  • Explain your legal rights and options
  • Work to reduce the charges against you
  • Negotiate a favorable resolution of your case
  • Develop defenses tailored to your case 
  • Represent you at trial 

DUI Defense Strategies Tailored to Protect Your Future 

At Patituce & Associates, we understand that every DUI case is different. We devote about 50% of our caseload to DUI defense. We know the potential outcome of a case depends on the ability to provide a compelling defense that refutes the state’s theory or offers another explanation for the situation. 

The potential defense strategy we develop will depend on the circumstances of your case. Some legal defenses may include arguing that:

  • No reasonable suspicion exists – For a law enforcement officer to pull you over, they must have reasonable suspicion that gives them legal justification to stop you. They must believe you have committed a traffic offense or other crime. We can analyze the situation and review the police video to see if the stop was legally justified or a violation of your rights.
  • Field sobriety tests were not administered correctly – Law enforcement officers are expected to follow NHTSA protocols. If they do not, the results may not be valid.
  • No probable cause – Police must have probable cause to arrest you.  If there is no probable cause, evidence may be suppressed and provide the basis for a dismissal of your charges.
  • Sobriety checkpoint errors – Sobriety checkpoints can help deter drunk driving, but law enforcement officers must follow specific rules for these checkpoints and any resulting arrests to be valid. If they violate these rules, the arrest might not be legally valid. 
  • Improperly administered test – A breathalyzer machine might not be properly evaluated, or a lab technician may mishandle a sample, which can cause false results. 

We can carefully analyze your case to determine the appropriate legal defense to raise in your case. 

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If you are facing OVI charges, do not hesitate to reach out to the Sandusky DUI lawyers at Patituce & Associates for help. We provide a free case review so you can learn more about your legal rights and options. Contact us today to begin.