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Being convicted of a crime can have serious ramifications on your life. Although there may have been a final judgment and a sentence imposed in your case, you have the right to apply for clemency. Depending on the specific type sought, this post-conviction relief option could result in forgiveness for your offense, a reduction of your sentence, or a stay of execution. Pursuing and being granted clemency can help you get a second chance at life.

If you want to apply for clemency, discuss your situation with Patituce & Associates. Our Cincinnati criminal defense attorneys have over 3 decades of combined experience and can help you successfully complete and submit the required forms for relief. Additionally, if you are scheduled for a hearing, we will help you prepare for it and present your case to the Parole Board. Our Cincinnati attorneys will leverage their skills and knowledge to seek a favorable outcome and fight for your freedom.

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What Is Clemency?

Broadly speaking, clemency is a post-conviction relief option that, if granted, allows forgiveness for a criminal offense. Although the Parole Board reviews applications for clemency, the Governor makes the final decision as to whether or not to approve it.

Three types of clemency exist:

  • Pardon: A pardon is a form of relief that forgives an individual of their guilt. If granted, some or all of the conviction sanctions imposed are absolved. However, a pardon does not restore rights or clear the offense from the individual’s criminal record.
  • Commutation: If a commutation is granted, the conviction penalties imposed on a person are reduced.
  • Reprieve: A reprieve is a stay of execution, which means the person’s sentence is postponed, allowing them time to seek other forms of relief for their conviction.

Who Can Apply for Clemency?

Any person convicted of an offense in Ohio can apply for a pardon, commutation, or reprieve. Either the person seeking clemency or their legal representative must submit an application to the Adult Parole Authority.

If a person has applied for clemency previously and was not granted relief, they must wait 2 years before filing again.

What’s the Clemency Process?

In Ohio, the clemency process begins with the individual (or that person’s lawyer) submitting a written application to the Adult Parole Authority. It must be completed in full for it to be considered. If the agency receives an incomplete application, it will not review it and send it back to the applicant.

After the Adult Parole Authority receives a completed application, the Parole Board will thoroughly review it along with other supporting documents and forms. In some cases, the Parole Board may schedule an interview with the applicant or will request that they complete a questionnaire. If it determines that the application needs to be reviewed further, it will schedule a hearing, allowing the applicant and their lawyer to present their case to the Board.

After the Parole Board completes its examination, it will send a recommendation to the Governor as to whether or not the request for clemency should be granted. Ultimately, the Governor makes the final decision about approving or denying an applicant.

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