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Accused of a Crime Under O.R.C. 2905.05?

Criminal offenses involving children can wreak havoc on an individual’s life, whether they have a previous criminal record or not. If you have been accused of child enticement or a related offense, your reputation in the community, personal freedoms, and living situation may all be on the line. Patituce & Associates is here to pursue justice on your behalf. We are committed to delivering the trusted and reliable defense you need during this difficult time. Contact our firm today to speak with the Cincinnati chili enticement defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates.

What Is Considered Child Enticement?

With a rise in child trafficking and sex offenses, there is a heavy focus on protecting children from predators. If a person allegedly lures, coaxes, or entices a child under the age of 14 to leave with them without permission, it can be considered illegal child enticement.

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Consequences for Child Enticement in Cincinnati

If a person is charged with enticing, soliciting, or luring a child to accompany them in any manner (without parental or guardian permission), they can be up against serious criminal penalties. Under the state’s child enticement law, this offense is a first-degree misdemeanor and may accompany other more serious offenses.

  • You may face the following penalties if accused:
  • As long as six months in jail; or
  • A full year in prison if you have prior charges
  • Up to thousands of dollars in fines

Should you have a previous record of similar criminal convictions under this section—such as kidnapping, abduction, etc.—your offense may be increased to a fifth-degree felony, carrying more extensive penalties.

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Our defense team at Patituce & Associates brings 30+ years of the collective experience and insight to child enticement charges. As former prosecutors, we know what the other side is looking for when building a case against you and can use this to your advantage when crafting a defense strategy. Our team is not afraid to push back against allegations of child enticement and is ready to fight on your behalf. Contact our firm to set up an initial consultation with Cincinnati child enticement defense lawyers.