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Jack Cincinnati Casino, formerly known as Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, draws many visitors to downtown Cincinnati. If you have been accused of cheating or another casino crime, turn to the team at Patituce & Associates. Our Cincinnati criminal defense attorneys have 30+ years of collective experience and have taken 200+ cases to trial. We are well-versed in navigating these matters and are ready to defend your name.

Casino operators, local authorities, and state authorities all take illegal casino activities seriously. From fraud to cheating to disorderly conduct, even the seemingly most minor of offenses can carry heavy consequences. Whether you’ve been accused of a criminal or civil offense, our team can stand up for your rights. Contact the Cincinnati casino defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates for a free consultation.

Accused Gambling Charges (O.R.C. 2915.05)?

Were you or a loved one charged with violating state gaming laws? You are facing potential prison time and extensive fines. Our team is comprised of former felony-level prosecutors, giving us a unique understanding of these charges. We can help you defend your name and uphold your rights! Our Cincinnati defense lawyers can defend those accused of:

  • Capping bets
  • Past posting
  • Collusion/dealer collusion
  • Using auxiliary devices
  • Past posting
  • Hand mucking
  • Marked decks
  • False deals
  • False shuffles and cuts
  • Counting cards

Those convicted of casino crimes or illegal gambling under O.R.C. 2915.05 can face lifelong consequences. With extensive penalties—from jail time to thousands of dollars in fines—on the line with gambling charges, it is crucial that you reach out to the Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers at our firm.

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While Cincinnati’s casino has extensive security systems and cameras in place, our team of experienced legal professionals knows how to challenge such charges. We know that you are not simply guilty of a serious felony because a casino claims you committed a crime—you have a right to fight these charges and seek justice. The sooner you reach out to Patituce & Associates, the sooner we can begin to build a strong defense on your behalf. Our Cincinnati casino crime attorneys are well-versed in the laws surrounding these cases. Contact us at 440-471-7784 to set up a consultation.