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Bedford Municipal Court in Ohio

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How Bedford Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help Protect Your Rights

Being arrested for a criminal matter can be terrifying; the first question you’ll have is how to defend yourself. At Patituce & Associates, LLC, our Bedford, OH criminal defense attorneys are familiar in courtrooms throughout Cuyahoga County and have successfully defended clients facing a variety of charges in Bedford Municipal Court.

You must act quickly when you’ve been charged with a crime in Bedford or the communities served by Bedford Municipal Court. The earlier you get a lawyer, the stronger your chances of reducing or even dismissing your charges. Working with experienced trial attorneys is key. Our firm earned a reputation for fierce advocacy because we do everything it takes to fight for our clients. If you have been arrested, we serve the Bedford area from our Beachwood and Independence offices, but can meet you anywhere.

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Bedford Municipal Court Information

  • Address: 165 Center Road, Bedford, Ohio 44146
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30–4:30, Monday through Friday
  • Phone Number: 440–232–3420
  • Website:https://www.bedfordmuni.org/

Types of Cases Heard

Municipalities in the Court’s Jurisdiction

Bedford, Bedford Heights, Bentleyville, Chagrin Falls, Chagrin Falls Township, Glenwillow, Highland Hills, Moreland Hills, N. Randall, Oakwood, Orange, Solon, Warrensville Heights, and Woodmere.

  • Clerk of Court: Thomas E. Day
  • Presiding Judges:
    • Michelle L. Paris, Judge
    • Brian J. Melling, Judge
  • Prosecutor: Each municipality in the jurisdiction supplies a prosecutor for cases originating there.

DUI / OVI & Criminal Defense in Bedford, Ohio

Courts like the Bedford Municipal Court hear a variety of criminal complaints. Despite being a municipal court, it still issues severe penalties upon conviction. Don’t risk your future by trying to handle your case yourself—call a Bedford, OH criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

The Bedford criminal defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates can help with all types of criminal charges, including:

If you’ve been arrested in Bedford, get experienced legal help right away. Do not attempt to explain your situation to the police unless you have a criminal defense lawyer at your side. Statements you make will be used to build the case against you, and most people don’t have the expertise to avoid saying things that the cops can construe as admissions of guilt, intent, or other elements of a criminal case.

The consequences for conviction on a criminal matter can be far-reaching, affecting your family, career, and reputation for years to come. We protect our clients’ rights by ensuring that prosecutors meet every single standard in the case they present, including properly collected and handled evidence, witness statements and testimony, and everything else they’ll use to try to convict you. We push back at everything and force them to go above and beyond if they want to win. If we press hard enough on a weak case, prosecutors may not follow through on charges, and your matter could be dismissed with no penalties.

Talk to a Bedford Criminal Defense Lawyer: The Call Is Free

Here’s what you can expect when you call Patituce & Associates, LLC about a criminal charge: a free, confidential consultation with an experienced Bedford criminal defense attorney. We are former prosecutors, so our knowledge of how your case will be built gives us a level of insight you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. We fight every day to beat charges, reduce exposure to criminal penalties, and win for our clients!

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