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Second chances are hard to come by. Our Ohio post-conviction lawyers fight relentlessly for your opportunity to secure a new trial. While other attorneys may not take the time to investigate your case, we will put in the work and craft a strategy that gives you the best chance at a second chance in life.

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Helping Clients With Post-Conviction Relief Across Ohio

After your conviction, you may have some procedural opportunities to raise new evidence that was not produced during your trial and was not considered by a jury.

Every day the government secures convictions based on unconstitutional practices. Worse, clients are convicted because their own attorney didn’t bother to fully investigate their case. Post-conviction remedies offer clients an avenue to raise claims based on evidence that was not put on the record at trial or provided to your lawyer before trial.

You may have a meritorious statutory post-conviction claim if favorable evidence known at the time of your trial was not presented because the state wrongfully hid it or your trial lawyer failed to investigate or present it.

Being wrongfully convicted and falsely incarcerated for a crime that you or a loved one did not commit is one of the greatest injustices in life. Not only are you unable to take back the time spent in prison, but also the real perpetrator of the crime is free to harm more people.

Fortunately, our Ohio post-conviction lawyers understand how the failures in our criminal justice system have led to countless innocent people being falsely convicted.

Post-Conviction Claims in Ohio

There are several reasons to seek post-conviction relief. Overturning a wrongful conviction could be based on the development of new evidence, ineffective counsel, improper conduct by the judge, prosecution, or jury, or changes in the law that would result in a reduced sentence.

Post-conviction relief cases often start by reading and investigating transcripts and other written materials from the court proceedings. Our Ohio post-conviction lawyers will thoroughly review your case to determine if you have grounds for post-conviction relief and then seek to vacate or modify your conviction. Not only do we want to obtain the freedom and justice you deserve, but we also want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to another innocent person ever again.

If you have discovered new favorable evidence that was not available at the time of your trial, you can file a Motion for New Trial. To prevail on a new trial motion, we must show that the outcome of your case would have probably been different if the judge or jury would have known about the new evidence.

Truthfully, all types of post-conviction relief are very difficult to obtain. If you want a new trial, or if you are interested in another type of post-conviction relief, you need an attorney who understands the law and complex procedures that govern these claims.

Types of Post-Conviction Relief - Patituce & Associates Ohio Post-Conviction Lawyer

Types of Post-Conviction Relief

Contact us today to find out if you may have grounds for a new trial. We also help with the following avenues for post-conviction relief.


Two main types of clemency are available: commutations and pardons. While a commutation reduces the penalty associated with your conviction, a pardon negates the conviction entirely and protects you from all further punishment. Both of these forms of relief can help you get out of prison faster and get back to living your life.

In Ohio, the Parole Board assists the Governor in handling state clemency applications. The Department of Justice has an Office of Pardon Attorney to assist the President in handling federal pardon/clemency applications.

Direct Appeal

A direct appeal means that you either went through a trial and lost, or you entered a plea and now want to appeal. An appeal can be a valuable tool for anyone who has been wrongfully convicted, convicted on weak evidence, or convicted because of an error of law.

When you file an appeal, your case will be reviewed by a higher court. This is a complicated process, and our lawyers at Patituce & Associates, LLC can help.

Habeas Corpus

Translated from Latin, “habeas corpus” means “to produce the body.” Essentially, the court is telling the agency that has incarcerated an individual to bring them before the court to determine whether their detention is lawful.

Pursuing a writ of habeas corpus is a constitutional right protecting people from the loss of liberty without justification. It also prevents government agencies from abusing their discretion and unlawfully detaining individuals.

The process involved in a habeas corpus petition is complex. We are here to provide the counsel you need.

Judicial Release

Essentially, when you pursue judicial release, you are asking the court to reconsider your sentencing and let you out of prison early because you are rehabilitated.

To be eligible for judicial release, you must be serving at least one non-mandatory prison sentence. If you have been sentenced to only a mandatory term of imprisonment, you will not qualify. However, if you have both a mandatory and non-mandatory sentence, you can seek judicial release after you have completed your mandatory term of incarceration.

Individuals do not have a right to judicial release. Whether or not it’s granted is at the sentencing judge’s discretion. At Patituce & Associates, LLC, we are confident in our abilities to make oral arguments in front of a judge. When you choose our team, we will focus on developing a unique narrative for your specific situation.

An Ohio post-conviction lawyer meeting a woman in prison

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We believe that meaningful client relationships are an essential element of success in post-conviction work. A case file and trial record can only tell the story of what has happened in a case.

However, a post-conviction claim is an opportunity to address what did NOT happen. The transcript may tell you what did happen but it cannot inform an attorney as to what did not occur on the record. Accordingly, client relationships are essential to fully develop post-conviction claims.

If you or an incarcerated loved one believe that evidence in your case was withheld or new evidence has been discovered, you may be able to have your conviction overturned. Please contact Patituce & Associates, LLC if you would like to have your case considered for post-conviction or new trial representation.

Our Ohio post-conviction attorneys may be able to help. Call 440-471-7784 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and discuss what options are available.

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