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Patituce & Associates provides comprehensive criminal defense services in and around Medina, Ohio. Our team consists of highly skilled and talented attorneys who do what it takes to protect the rights and freedoms of our clients. We have over 70 years of combined experience and have taken on hundreds of cases, including over 200 jury trials. Not afraid to go up against challenging opponents, we aggressively argue our clients’ cases in and out of court. At the same time, we are compassionate and understanding, delivering sound advice and counsel every step of the way.

Our Medina criminal defense attorneys can represent you in misdemeanor and felony cases at the state and federal levels. We can guide you through the investigation, arrest, trial, and appeal. Recognizing that this can be a confusing and stressful time, we will stand by your side, explaining the justice system, your rights, and your legal options. We know that a conviction can have profound and lasting consequences. We are prepared to put our knowledge and experience to work to pursue an optimal result on your behalf.

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Defense for State and Federal Charges

A conviction can result in incarceration, fines, and a criminal record, among other sanctions. Whether the crime you have been accused of falls under state or federal jurisdiction, you need an attorney to help fight the charge and protect your rights. Challenging criminal accusations can be difficult. You must tell a compelling story while also juggling legal nuances, such as following rules of evidence or court procedures.

However, you do not have to do this all your own. You have the right to be represented by counsel and exercising this right may be in your best interests.

Our criminal attorneys in Medina are well-versed in the processes of the judicial system. We can competently handle the various steps involved and will be your zealous advocate in and out of the courtroom.

We defend against an array of state and federal charges, including, but not limited to:

  • Arson: Under ORC § 2909.03, this offense occurs when someone causes a fire or explosion either without permission or with the intent to defraud.
  • Child pornography: This term refers to offenses involving the production, possession, or distribution of visual material depicting a minor (or minors) engaged in sexual conduct.
  • Drug crimes: Possession (ORC § 2925.11), trafficking (ORC § 2925.03), and manufacturing (ORC § 2925.04) controlled substances are all prohibited under Ohio law. The federal government also has statutes concerning unlawful conduct with drugs.
  • Federal crimes: These offenses violate federal law, occur on federal property, or cross state lines or country borders. Examples include murder, tax crimes, fraud, drug crimes, child pornography, sex crimes, and weapons crimes.
  • Homicide: These offenses involve unlawfully causing another person’s death. Ohio has several statutes concerning homicide crimes, including aggravated murder (ORC § 2903.01), murder (ORC § 2903.02), voluntary manslaughter (ORC § 2903.03), involuntary manslaughter (ORC § 2903.04), negligent homicide (ORC § 2903.05), reckless homicide (ORC § 2903.41), and aggravated vehicular manslaughter (ORC § 2903.06).
  • Juvenile crimes: A child can be charged with the same types of offenses adults can be. However, the minor’s case is generally held in juvenile court, which differs from the adult system.
  • Weapon charges: Depending on the situation, a person can be charged at the state or federal level for committing certain acts involving a firearm, such as possessing a gun while under disability or engaging in criminal conduct while armed with a weapon.

When our Medina criminal defense lawyers take on a case, we thoroughly examine relevant information and details, including police reports, medical reports, witness statements, and pictures or videos. We also conduct our own investigation and listen to your side of the story to get a full picture of the incident. From there, we build a strategy tailored for you.

Below are a few defenses against a criminal charge:

  • Mistaken identity: The defendant may have been wrongly identified as the actual actor.
  • False accusations: Allegations could have been made by someone trying to “get back” at the defendant for a perceived wrong.
  • Entrapment: Law enforcement officials may have used undue influence to coerce the defendant to engage in conduct they normally would not have engaged in.
  • Lack of intent: The defendant may have accidentally broken the law.
  • Self-defense: The defendant may have acted to protect themselves or others from immediate harm.

Allow us to review your case and determine avenues we can explore.

Criminal Defense Attorneys for Your DUI Charge

Our Medina criminal lawyers also represent clients accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence, commonly referred to as DUI. Ohio Revised Code § 4511.19 provides that an individual can be charged with a violation if they were behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs or they had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more.

Unfortunately, some people believe that because they failed a field sobriety, breath, or blood test, the prosecutor will obtain a conviction. That’s not necessarily the case. The results of these assessments can be challenged or other evidence can be presented to counter the allegations.

For instance, possible defenses in a DUI case include, but are not limited to:

  • Unlawful stop: The police officer lacked reasonable suspicion to pull over the driver.
  • Other factors influencing FST performance: Someone could have performed poorly on the field sobriety tests for reasons other than intoxication.
  • Unlawful arrest: The officer did not have probable cause to take the driver into custody.
  • Variables affecting chemical test analysis: A blood or breath test could have indicated an unlawful BAC because of poor machine maintenance or improper procedures, among other things.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

A defense lawyer has years of schooling and experience in the law. Therefore, they know the justice process and what steps need to be taken to defend their clients.

At Patituce & Associates, our criminal defense lawyers in Medina can explain the system and help navigate the rules and procedures. We will also take care of the legalities involved, such as filing motions and requesting evidence from the prosecution.

We will keep you updated on the status of your case. With each new development, we’ll explain your options and the pros and cons of each. When decisions need to be made, we’ll make them together.

What to Look for When Hiring a Defense Lawyer

Hiring counsel for your criminal case is crucial. However, it can also be difficult, as you want to get effective defense, and many choices are out there. So what should you look for?

You want to be sure you retain the services of someone who handles criminal cases, especially matters similar to yours. You also want to look for someone with trial experience. Although most cases are settled out of court, some might go to trial. Your attorney must be able to present your arguments in court.

When reviewing your options for legal representation, take time to read testimonials from previous clients. You can get a feel from an attorney based on what people who have worked with them in the past have said.

Schedule a consultation with your potential lawyer. Ask questions and gauge your level of comfort with the attorney. This is someone who you’ll be working closely with during one of the most critical moments in your life.

Refrain from hiring a lawyer who makes promises about achieving certain outcomes. No attorney can guarantee results.

Our criminal defense attorneys provide high-quality representation and an exceptional client experience. We invite you to check out reviews from past clients and call us to discuss your case.

When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better. Everything that happens in your case, from the investigation onward, can affect the outcome. With an attorney on your side early on, they can provide advice and guidance about what to say and do, preventing you from making statements or decisions that could hurt your case.

At Patituce & Associates, we can represent you as early as the pre-arrest investigation, challenging the evidence to prevent charges from being filed. We are also ready to stand behind you throughout your case, fighting for you inside and outside of the courtroom. And if you have already been convicted, our criminal attorneys in Medina can file a direct appeal to contest the judgment against you and pursue a different outcome or sentence.

Discuss Your Case with a Medina Criminal Defense Lawyer

With us, you won’t be seen as a criminal charge or case number. Rather, we will treat you as the individual you are – a person with needs and goals. Handling your case with integrity and professionalism, we can work toward obtaining a favorable result for you.

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