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If your child ever faces charges in juvenile court, you should absolutely hire a Cuyahoga County juvenile crimes lawyer to defend them. Juvenile charges can change your child’s life. Often, these charges are brought by inexperienced prosecutors who are just being taught, for the first time, how to prosecute cases. That’s right. In the vast majority of cases, your child has been charged by a prosecutor who has virtually no experience in the criminal justice system.

What does this mean? It means that you need to fight, and fight aggressively, to protect your child’s freedom and their future. Our Cleveland juvenile crimes lawyers have decades of experience. We can help.

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The juvenile justice system is one of the most complicated, misunderstood systems around. Juveniles are not given the same rights as adults, so the risk is greater.

As an example of juveniles not having the same right, we look at the fact that juveniles do not have an automatic right to a trial by jury. This means that almost all cases have to be tried to a single judge.

Also, in juvenile cases there is no right to a bond or bail. A juvenile is either held in the detention center while their case is pending, released on home detention, or released to their parents. This, coupled with the fact that there is no right to a speedy trial for a juvenile, could mean that the child could sit in detention for years before their case is even heard in the courtroom.

Department of Family Court Services

Family Court Services is comprised of Family Court Services, Domestic Support, and the Voices for Children program. These departments serve both Domestic Relations and Juvenile Courts.

Department of Probation and Youth Services

The Department of Probation and Youth Services provides a continuum of services to address the needs of Cuyahoga County’s unruly and delinquent youth and their families while taking necessary measures to address public safety when necessary.

The Department of Probation and Youth Services offers services to youth and families independently and in partnership with other Cuyahoga County agencies serving youth and families. Our youth and families present with diverse needs during all phases of their involvement with us.

Note that the service/programming descriptions below begin with our programming designed to address youth conduct concerns without formal court involvement and extend to services for youth whose offenses warranted formal court involvement and some level of court supervision following adjudication and/or disposition.

Detention Services

Mission Statement

They are a CMSD school that provides a positive learning environment, based on a rigorous curriculum, and opportunities to maintain a high level of achievement utilizing the State of Ohio standards and CMSD pacing guides that prepares students for re-entry into their school of choice.

  • The home schools of students are notified when they enter and leave the facility.
  • Grade cards are issued for students and are sent back to their home schools.
  • Although we do these things there are students that do not attend school outside of our facility. A transitional component ensuring the students return to their home school when they leave would be invaluable.

Probation Services

The Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Probation Department assigns and supervises court-ordered youth to participate in special services directed through probation staff. They empower youth and families, build a stronger and healthier community, and enhance public safety by collaborating with community partners to strengthen family relationships, habilitate juveniles, and reduce recidivism.

Address & Information

Physical Address

9300 Quincy Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106



M-F 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


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