Bedford Municipal Court

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About Bedford Municipal Court

Located in the City of Bedford, the Bedford Municipal Court was established in 1958. The Court handles cases from 14 different, diverse municipalities. Elected by the Court’s constituency, Judge Brian Melling and Judge Michelle Paris effectuates the prompt and impartial administration of justice for criminal and civil cases arising within the Court’s jurisdiction.

Civil Division

The civil division is responsible for handling general civil cases seeking money judgments. The civil division is broken down into two branches; the general civil division which handles cases seeking monetary damages of $15,000.00 or less; and the small claims division which handles cases seeking money judgments of $6,000.00 or less.

The general civil division is also responsible for forcible entry and detainer cases (commonly known as evictions). New civil cases, including any subsequent pleadings, motions or post-judgment executions (such as wage garnishments or bank attachments) are filed with the civil division.

The civil division also handles applications for Trusteeship and Rent Escrow deposits.


The Bedford Municipal Court has a Probation Department which oversees all persons placed on probation as the result of criminal charges. The goal of probation is to monitor compliance with the sentence imposed by the Judge thereby reducing the likelihood of further criminal activity. The Bedford Municipal Court Probation Department is run under the direction of Acting Chief Probation Officer Ryan Frejofsky.

Traffic Division

Generally traffic citations involving a required court appearance (known as non-waiverable offenses) will be handled by the deputy clerk responsible for the charging municipality. Most traffic citations are heard by a Traffic Magistrate on one session during each week, although many municipalities stagger their appearance time during that session.

Criminal Division

The criminal division handles all criminal cases, distribution of court and appointed attorneys. Each municipality is handled by a specific deputy clerk within the criminal division of the Clerk’s office. Motions and pleadings filed in criminal cases, pre-trial conferences, motion hearings and trials will be processed by the deputy clerk responsible for the charging municipality. The same deputy clerk will process requests for continuances and re-scheduled hearing dates.

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