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Here at Patituce & Associates in Cleveland, we understand how hard our local veterinarians work. We also understand that facing a license review board can be an extremely overwhelming task. Luckily, our Cleveland veterinary license lawyers can help you protect your livelihood.

Many veterinarians are drawn to their field out of an undeniable sense of love and compassion for animals. They spend years learning how to protect the animals that we keep at home and often consider a part of the family. If you are a veterinarian, then this is likely true of you as well. That can make it extremely unsettling when your actions are called into question and the validity of your license is threatened.

Whether you made a mistake or you’re being wrongfully accused, you have the legal right to defend your position. We help veterinarians throughout Ohio stand up against charges and fight to maintain their current licenses.

Are you facing allegations that may put your veterinarian license at risk? Are you at risk of losing your career because of the decisions of a licensing review board? If so, then our professional license defense lawyers are here to help.

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What Are the Most Common Complaints Against Veterinarians?

Here are the complaints we see against our veterinarian clients.

Criminal Activity

The Ohio veterinary board expects their licensed professionals to uphold certain professional standards. Part of this expectation is abiding by state and federal laws. Committing a crime is not a guarantee that you will lose your license, but the board will likely consider it.

Felonies and crimes that cause harm to people or animals are more likely to warrant a license review.


Every animal that a veterinarian deals with is viewed as a patient. As with any medical profession, committing blatantly negligent actions that involve a patient can result in serious consequences. A negligent veterinarian may be sued in court separately as well as have a complaint filed for a license review.


Similar to negligence, malpractice is a serious problem in all medical fields. Malpractice that results in the serious harm or death of an animal may be considered grounds for a civil lawsuit with the animal’s owners. That owner may also file a separate complaint with the state licensing board which will result in an investigation and review.

Practicing Without a License or Beyond the Scope of Certification

Simply put, if you don’t have a veterinarian license then you should not be practicing veterinarian medicine in a professional capacity. A vet with specific certifications cannot practice medicine outside of the scope of that certification. The state board has the right to revoke their certifications or license entirely.

Practicing While Impaired

It’s well understood that alcohol and drug abuse can affect your ability to make rational decisions and hinder your performance at any job. The board maintains the right to revoke a license for veterinarians with substance abuse problems who are not upholding the high standards of the profession.

Practicing while under the influence puts the animal’s life at serious risk and is expressly forbidden.

Failure to Maintain Adequate Records

Improper record-keeping makes it far more likely that the veterinarian will make a mistake when providing care to an animal. It can also cause financial problems like unnecessary billing.

Failing to Supervise Staff

This falls into the category of high professional standards that all veterinarians must uphold. Managerial problems, such as a failure to supervise staff, increases the potential risk to the patient. The animal’s owner can file a simple complaint with the licensing review board.

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What Should You Expect During the Administrative Review and Investigation Process?

The first step in the process is the filing of an official complaint with the Ohio Veterinary Board. Afterward, the board will begin the investigation process. They may request documents, interview staff, speak with witnesses, and any other methods they can utilize to gather evidence. Their goal is to determine whether the filed complaint is considered valid.

If the board finds that the complaints are valid they have two options to proceed. The first option is to offer a consent order. In this case, you will sign a document admitting to the actions filed in the complaint. You are also agreeing to certain disciplinary actions that will be outlined in the document.

If you refuse the consent order, then the licensing review board will move forward with a formal hearing. Here, you will have a chance to work with your attorneys to provide your defense. Finally, the state board will review the evidence and testimonies before making a decision.

What Types of Penalties Can a Veterinarian Face?

The Ohio veterinary licensing board may impose the following penalties.

  • Temporary license suspension
  • Reprimands
  • Fines up to $5,000
  • Restrictions on specific practices
  • Workplace probation
  • License revocation

Why Should You Hire a Cleveland Veterinary License Lawyer?

A veterinary license defense lawyer can help protect you against many of the different penalties imposed by state review boards. A professional attorney will help you gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and formulate the best defense strategy possible.

Attorneys can negotiate with review boards to have disciplinary actions reduced or removed entirely. And if you do lose your license, then you work with a defense lawyer to have the decision appealed.

Don’t Let One Mistake Ruin Your Career

We all make mistakes at some point or another. A state review board may look at a single mistake and use it as a basis to revoke your veterinary license. Patituce & Associates can help you express the full scope of the situation to the review board and even supply new evidence that they gathered themselves.

Whether you made a mistake or you’re being wrongfully accused, you have the legal right to defend your position. Call 440-471-7784 to discuss your case with our expert veterinary defense lawyer.

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