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If you are a licensed professional in Cleveland, Ohio, such as a nurse, doctor, teacher, lawyer, and more, then you could face license suspension or revocation for sustaining certain types of criminal convictions. It takes time, money, and lots of effort to obtain a professional license. Therefore, you have a vested interest in your professional license.

Fortunately, your professional licensing board will not just suspend or revoke your license without giving you chance for a hearing. We encourage you to hire the best Cleveland professional license defense attorney to safeguard your reputation, protect your legal rights, get your suspended license reinstated, or get your case dismissed.

At Patituce & Associates in Cleveland, Ohio, we represent professionals from different fields, such as dentists, doctors, nurses, accountants, and more. We have the necessary skills, experience, and resources to protect your rights, handle your case, and protect your professional license.

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What Is the Process of Complaints and Investigation By Professional Licensing Boards?

Professional licensing boards set and enforce standards for licensed professionals. The purpose of setting and enforcing these standards is to keep the public safe. Professional licensing boards, therefore, ensure all professionals adhere to the set rules and regulations.

A professional licensing board follows a specific process once it receives a complaint against a licensed professional. Here is the process of complaints and investing by professional licensing boards in Ohio.

Initial Review

Once a professional licensing board receives a complaint against a licensed professional, it conducts an initial review of the complaint. They conduct an initial review to know if the licensed professional violated the board’s rules and regulations or if the complaint falls within the scope of jurisdiction of the licensing board.


A professional licensing board must investigate the complaint brought against a licensed professional to determine if the allegations have merit. The licensing board can, therefore, ask the licensed professional for a written response to the complaint and even question witnesses.


If a complaint has been brought against you, your professional licensing board can ask you to attend an informal inquiry, where you will have to answer some questions in person. Professional licensing boards must ask these questions during the investigation process.

Consent Order

If your professional licensing board gathers solid evidence to support the complaint, your licensing board can offer to negotiate a consent order with you. You will have to submit voluntarily to prescribed penalties or sanctions.

Formal Hearing

If you cannot agree on a consent order, your licensing board may have to call for a formal hearing. A formal hearing can take place in front of an Administrative Law Judge or in front of your professional licensing board itself. It is more important to attend a formal with strong legal representation.

Final Determination

The judge or your licensing board will make a final determination after a formal hearing. They can decide to impose disciplinary action on your professional license. You will, therefore, know the penalty after a formal hearing.


In the state of Ohio, you have the right to appeal the decision of the judge. Therefore, if you believe your licensing board acted arbitrarily or you believe they did not have sufficient evidence to support the complaint, then you can appeal the decision.

Remember, professional licensing boards do not always follow these steps. If your licensing board decides the complaint does not have sufficient merit to proceed, then your licensing board may dismiss the complaint.

It is, however, very important to hire a skilled Cleveland professional license defense lawyer in the process of complaints and investigations. Contact 440-471-7784 to talk to our lawyers at Patituce & Associates.

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What is the Impact of Criminal Convictions on a Professional License?

If you are a licensed professional, your licensing board can suspend or even revoke your professional license for a criminal conviction. If your licensing board revokes your professional license, it can bring your career to a stop. However, the disciplinary actions will depend on the type of violation and your profession.

Read on to learn the impact of criminal convictions on your professional license.

License Suspension

Your licensing board can suspend your professional license for a specified period of time or even an indefinite period of time. Your licensing board may reinstate your license in the future. If your professional license, you can hire a Cleveland professional license defense lawyer to help you reinstate your license.

License Restriction

Your licensing board can restrict the scope of your professional license. Therefore, you may not be able to perform certain functions. The licensing board can restrict your license for unethical conduct or incompetence.


Your licensing board can impose a monetary fine.

Impose Conditions

Instead of suspending or revoking your professional license, your licensing board can just impose conditions. You will have to meet these specific conditions to keep your professional license active.

What Activities Can Put Your Professional License at Risk?

It is easy for people to file a complaint against a business, company, or even a licensed professional. A professional licensing board has a legal obligation to investigate every complaint. If the licensing board does not have jurisdiction to pursue the complaint, they will dismiss the complaint.

However, some activities can put your professional license at risk. Here are some of these activities.

Sexual Misconduct

People can report sexual harassment or assault anonymously. Inappropriate relationships with clients, sexual harassment, or sexual assault are serious allegations. If you are facing these allegations, your licensing board may suspend or revoke your professional license.


You can lose your professional license due to fraudulent behavior. For example, if you commit SEC violations, file fraudulent insurance claims, or even scam your customers directly, your licensing board may revoke your professional license. People can also file these complaints anonymously.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can have an impact on your judgment, perception, alertness, emotional state, or motor coordination. Alcohol and drug abuse can affect your job performance. If you are reported for substance abuse, then your licensing board can suspend or even revoke your professional license.

Gross Incompetence or Negligence

Competent licensed professionals uphold the standards of performance for their professions. If you fail to uphold the standards of performance for your field, then you can be considered incompetent. Also, you can endanger your colleagues, patients, clients, or customers if you are negligent. If you are reported for gross incompetence or negligence, you can lose your professional license.

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How Can an Attorney Help You Defend Your License?

If your licensing board suspends or revokes your professional license, then you can longer practice your profession. You probably spend a lot of time and money to obtain your professional license. And you may not want to change your career.

That is why we recommend hiring a skilled professional defense lawyer to defend your license. Here is how an attorney can help you defend your license.

Get Your Case Dismissed

If you want to avoid losing your professional license, then you need to get your case dismissed. A lawyer can use their resources and experience to get your criminal charges dropped. If your licensing board dismisses your complaint, then they do not have to suspend or revoke your license.

Handle Negotiations

Your lawyer will consider your situation during negotiations. In some cases, you may need a reduced penalty or get your case dismissed. It is not easy to come up with the best defense strategy for achieving a positive outcome.

Hiring a good lawyer can increase your chances of a positive outcome in these negotiations.

Defend Your License

If someone files a complaint against you, your licensing board will have no choice but to investigate the complaint. Professional licensing boards take these complaints seriously. So, your licensing board may not hesitate to suspend or revoke your license. You will need a good lawyer to defend your license aggressively.

Hiring a good Cleveland professional license defense attorney can help ensure your rights are protected. It can also help you keep your professional license and save your career.

Professionals We Help

We help a variety of professionals in Ohio defend their licenses.

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If you are a licensed professional who is facing criminal charges in Cleveland, Ohio, then you may spend time in jail, lose your license, and lose your job. In fact, you are less likely to get more employment opportunities in the future. It is essential to fight criminal charges and aggressively defend your professional license.

We highly recommend retaining the services of an experienced and skilled Cleveland professional license defense attorney. Your lawyer can defend your rights throughout the whole process. If you are required to attend a formal hearing, you can trust your lawyer to represent you and protect your rights. Your lawyer will do everything they can to get your charges dismissed.

If you are about to lose your professional license and your right to legally practice your profession in Cleveland, Ohio, you should hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to handle your case. At Patituce & Associates, we have the experience, skills, and resources to help you keep your license and secure a positive outcome in your case.

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