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Securing a job as a pharmacist can take anywhere between 6 and 8 years of study and training. If you work as a pharmacist, then you’ve undoubtedly dedicated a lot of time, research, and funding toward that goal.

The last thing that you want is a call from the state pharmacist licensing board threatening to revoke your license. As soon as that happens, you should contact a professional Cleveland pharmacist license lawyer to help defend your case.

Patituce & Associates handles a wide variety of criminal cases in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. The professional license lawyers in our firm have more than 7 decades worth of experience. We fight to defend the rights of every client that requests our service. We have helped countless professionals maintain their necessary licenses when faced with unfounded or exaggerated charges.

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Common Accusations We Defend Pharmacists From

Several unprofessional, unethical, and illegal actions can cause a pharmacist to lose their license. In some cases, the accusations are not severe and result in minor disciplinary actions. In other cases, they can result in hefty fines and a total revocation of the pharmacist’s license.

Our objective is to limit the severity of the disciplinary actions or have them eliminated entirely.

Drug Diversion

Drug diversion is a serious offense that can cost you your license. We defend pharmacists who are accused of stealing prescription medications for their personal use or to be sold on the illegal drug market.

Overpayment or Fraud

We represent pharmacists who are accused of committing fraud by conning clients into overpaying or not properly billing insurance services like Medicaid or Medicare.

Prior Criminal Charges

Applicants for a pharmacist license in Ohio must disclose previous convictions. We help pharmacists who failed to disclose previous criminal charges, including serious felonies, drug-related charges, or any sex crime where the applicant was required to register as a sex offender.

Administrative Grievances

A pharmacist may face discipline by the Board of Pharmacy if an employee or multiple employees file a complaint regarding their administrative duties, such as workload, workplace conduct, or overall work conditions.

A pharmacist that needs to call our cleveland pharmacist license defense lawyer

Irregular Prescription Filling

Pharmacists who do not properly fill prescriptions by including the wrong dosage, the wrong quantity, or the wrong medication altogether can face discipline.

Inspections and Audits by the DEA

The DEA performs audits on a random basis as well as when they receive information from a secondary source. The purpose of the audit is to determine if the pharmacist is following all appropriate industry regulations.


Driving under the influence (DUI) is considered unprofessional conduct and may be used as the basis for disciplinary actions by the state board of pharmacy.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy Investigation Process

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy will first receive a complaint and review all of the information provided. If they believe the complaint may be valid, then they will continue with a thorough investigation.

The board will collect information and evidence that they believe to be relevant to the complaint, such as records, receipts, video footage, and witness testimonies. In most cases, the inspector in charge of the investigation will contact the pharmacist during this stage of the process.

Administrative Hearings & Hearings Before the Pharmacy Board

After the investigation phase, the Board of Pharmacy or the Department of Administrative Hearings will conduct a hearing. Which department manages your hearing will depend on the circumstances of the complaint. At this point, you should be working closely with your pharmacy license attorney to gather your own supporting evidence and build a defense.

What Leads to License Suspension or Revocation?

There are numerous disciplinary actions that the board may decide to take if they believe the complaint is valid. In the most severe cases, you may risk having your license temporarily suspended or permanently revoked.

Complaints that are most likely to result in a suspension or revocation include:

  • Committing a serious felony or drug-related crime
  • Committing conduct that does not meet the high professional standards of the board
  • Having your pharmacy license revoked in a different state
  • The decision to ignore previous disciplinary actions

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If you’ve worked hard to earn your pharmacist license, then you don’t want to throw that away because of a single complaint. Chances are, you’ve already spent years of your life studying and training for this position. Patituce & Associates is here to help ensure that you don’t lose everything that you’ve fought so hard to earn.

We know that every case is unique and work closely with our clients to create a personalized defense. We work tirelessly to gather the necessary evidence, speak with witnesses, and negotiate with the review board. Whether the complaint is entirely false or has been exaggerated, we will get the truth in front of the board.

You should only trust the best when it comes to defending something as important as your career. Call us today at 440-471-7784 if you want the best legal defense possible.

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