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Doctors usually earn respected places in their communities. Unfortunately, just one accusation can result in an investigation, threatening the career and medical license of the doctor. Patituce & Associates represents doctors in license proceedings in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Cleveland medical license defense attorneys have many years of knowledge and the experience to deal with any allegation you may be faced with. Whether your disciplinary matter has to do with a malpractice allegation, a billing issue, or any other claim, our license defense attorneys are here to help you preserve your career and your license.

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What Kind of Accusations Can a Doctor License Defense Lawyer Help You With?

Professional license defense lawyers hold the responsibility of safeguarding the occupational licenses of professionals allowing you to exercise your rights to practice.

A license defense attorney can represent a licensee when a governmental regulatory board has taken disciplinary action against an individual accused of unethical behavior, professional misconduct, or criminal action. They can also handle any other matter that relates to an occupational license.

There are several disciplinary measures or actions that physicians and many other types of healthcare professionals in Ohio might face. Below are some examples of disciplinary actions that you may be faced with that will require the legal counsel of a Cleveland medical license defense lawyer.

Drug Diversion

Lawyers can assist doctors, dentists, nurses, and any other type of healthcare worker with a drug diversion allegation that relates to narcotics theft from either a medical facility or hospital, mistakes made in the Pyxis system, or failing to properly dispose of a substance.

They can also help to prevent a criminal charge or the revocation or suspension of a doctor’s medical license caused by multiple-count federal drug indictments or minor licensing violations.


Cleveland medical license defense attorneys can also help physicians to avoid a suspension of their license due to DUI (driving under the influence) issues. They also perform the role of guiding workers in the healthcare sector to meet monitoring requirements set out by the state-sponsored PHP (professional help program).

Failing Drug Tests

Lawyers represent nurses and doctors that have been accused of misusing a prescription drug or taking illicit substances. A drug test that comes up positive can result in a negative report to the state government or medical board in Ohio. Legal experts can bypass an immediate suspension of a doctor’s medical license.

License Suspension

Medical license defense lawyers also provide services to physicians that have had their licenses suspended. A suspension of a medical license often results from drug convictions, probation violations, a positive drug test, incomplete CMEs, an unpaid student loan, fraud allegations, or failure to meet the requirements of an impairment program.

Criminal Charges

Attorneys provide legal services to physicians with previous criminal convictions or current criminal charges so they are able to restore or regain their licenses. A medical license defense lawyer will also carry on protecting the licenses of doctors even after a criminal charge has been resolved or cleared.

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What Is the Medical Board Investigation and Hearing Process in Ohio?

The State Medical Board of Ohio is an agency that is tasked with overseeing a wide range of medical licenses. This board regulates over 67,000 licensees throughout the state.

When a complaint has been made to the Medical Board, it will be reviewed in order to decide if the medical board has any jurisdiction. When jurisdiction is established, the medical board will be required to investigate the details of the complaint to decide whether the holder of the license might have acted negligently or improperly.

If the board decides to proceed to a hearing for your case, a formal administrative hearing will occur before the Medical Board hearing examiners. Some of the hearing examiners work for the board, while others contract with this board (as needed) depending on the volume of the case.

An administrative hearing will often involve a formal legal procedure including:

  • Stipulations to evidence
  • Cross and direct examination of one or more witnesses
  • Opening and closing arguments
  • Formal submission of any marked exhibits into a “certified” hearing record

Licensees and applicants unfamiliar with these types of courtroom litigation practices can often find the formalities of this board highly intimidating. A lawyer that has experience with handling cases involving medical licenses can help a licensee or applicant in numerous ways. Early assistance can help to prevent communication deficiencies and misunderstandings.

What Other Issues Regarding Medical Licenses Can an Attorney Help With?

The medical license defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates offer legal assistance to aspiring doctors and medical students that are finding it difficult to obtain a medical license due to criminal history or prior license-related disciplinary issues.

It is possible for individuals with prior convictions or sanctions to obtain a license, but the approval process might take a lot longer than normal. Lawyers can represent these people during medical board hearings and application procedures to help expedite these processes.

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Our team at Patituce & Associates has represented many licensed professionals across Cleveland, Ohio. Our lawyers also have extensive experience when it comes to working with the State Medical Board of Ohio.

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