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Being charged with a federal crime is serious. If you ever find yourself charged with one, then contact a Cleveland federal crimes lawyer at Patituce & Associates. We can provide you with aggressive representation, and increase your chances of having the best outcome possible.

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What Is a Federal Crime?

As you’re probably aware, there are U.S. federal laws set in place. If you violate federal law, then you have committed a federal crime. These types of crimes are prosecuted by attorneys representing the United States government. Federal law enforcement agents carry out investigations into federal crimes, and federal judges oversee cases that involve federal crime.

Federal crimes can include offenses that would have been handled by state or local authorities. For example, let’s say you committed a crime at a federally-owned building or another type of federal property. You would likely face federal charges, but if you committed the same crime that wasn’t on federal property, then your crime would fall under either local or state jurisdiction.

Here are a few examples of federal crimes.

Bear in mind those are only a handful of examples of federal crimes. Generally speaking, if you commit a crime on federal property, across multiple states, and/or against a federal officer or federal agency, then the crime can be classed as a federal crime. If you have been charged with a federal crime, then contact our law firm as soon as possible.

How Is a Federal Crime Different Than a State or Local Crime?

Generally speaking, the majority of common crimes fall under local or state jurisdiction. This is why most criminal cases across the country are handled by the states that those crimes occurred in. Federal laws that have been violated are handled at the national level if the crime relates to federal issues.

There are several factors that play a role in whether your crime will fall under local/state or federal jurisdiction. A few of those factors include:

  • If federal law was violated
  • If the case involves more than $75K, and citizens of a different state
  • If the case affects the nation

It’s important to note that federal crimes usually carry more severe forms of punishment than state and local crimes. You’ll want to hire us if you’re facing federal charges. We understand federal laws, as well as federal sentencing guidelines.

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Federal Crime Cases We Handle

Our team of lawyers handles an array of federal criminal cases. Here are some examples of cases our Cleveland federal crimes lawyers handle.

Tax Crimes

This includes federal tax fraud, evading taxes, and failing to pay taxes. We also handle cases involving not filing federal tax returns. If you’ve been charged with a federal tax crime, then we can represent you.


Fraud crimes involve using deception to obtain something of value. This can include property, money, or benefits. Common offenses that lead to federal fraud charges include healthcare fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, and mail fraud to name a few.


We can represent clients who have been charged with first and/or second-degree murder. Whether or not you’ll face second or first-degree murder depends on the specifics surrounding the case. Regardless of which type of murder charge you’re facing, we’re here to help you.

Drug Crimes

Under federal law, it’s illegal to manufacture, distribute, create or dispense counterfeit substances or controlled substances. You also can’t possess chemicals with the intent to use them to create controlled substances. Doing any of these things can result in federal drug charges.


You could face federal charges of conspiracy if you worked with one or several other people to commit a crime against the United States. You can also face federal charges and you and other attempt or have defrauded the United States. We can represent you if you are facing federal conspiracy charges.

Sex Crimes

Federal sex crimes typically involve unlawful sexual contact against one or more people. It can also involve unlawful sexual conduct against one or several people. Federal sex crimes can include aggravated sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and child pornography to name a few.

Weapon Crimes

Federal weapons offenses involve unlawfully using, possessing, carrying, selling, manufacturing, and/or transporting deadly weapons. Deadly weapons include firearms, explosives, knives, silencers, and ammunition.

Those are only a handful of cases we handle. Have you been charged with a federal crime that was not mentioned above? If so, then give us a call today to discuss your case. We may be able to help.

What to Expect in a Federal Crime Case

Federal criminal cases are often complex. No two cases are usually alike. Generally speaking, here’s what you can expect in a federal criminal case.

Investigation & Grand Jury

The first step in a potential federal criminal case is the investigation process. Federal authorities carry out an investigation, which may involve speaking to witnesses and gathering evidence. The evidence is then presented to a grand jury, which then decides if the evidence is sufficient enough to bring the case to federal court.

Plea Bargains

If you have a strong case against you, then you might be offered a plea deal. During plea bargains, you might be offered to reduce exposure and/or be able to avoid going to trial. The only way you can accept a plea deal is if you were the one who committed the crime. Also, you will have to plead guilty in front of a judge.


This part of the process is when you go before the judge. The prosecutor will tell the court what crime you’re being charged with. As part of the pre-trial, you’ll be told what conditions you must meet if you are allowed bail. If you are allowed bail, then you’ll be responsible for securing the amount required to make bail.

Federal Trial

The federal trial involves showing up to court and arguing your case against the prosecutors. This can be a lengthy process and can be very complex. At the end of the trial, the jury will return their verdict.

Post Trial

If you are found innocent, then you’ll be able to return to your life. However, if you’ve been given a guilty verdict, then you’ll be told what your sentencing date is. You’ll return to court for sentencing, and then carry out that sentence.

That is the basics involved with federal criminal cases. All federal crime cases can carry serious consequences. If you are facing federal charges, then don’t hesitate to contact us. The sooner you obtain representation, the better.

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Federal Crime Penalties

Federal crime penalties are more several than state and local crime penalties. The type of penalty you receive depends on the crime you’re being charged with. Generally speaking, a few examples of federal criminal penalties include:

  • Hefty fines
  • Life in prison
  • Lengthy prison sentences
  • Probation upon release from prison

How long you can be sent to prison depends on the crime you are accused of. You could be sent to prison for life for murder, while money laundering can potentially lead to a sentence of up to 30 years or more in some cases. No matter what federal crime you’ve committed, there’s a chance you’ll be facing a hefty fine and/or prison time.

How Our Cleveland Federal Crimes Lawyers Can Help You

Our team of lawyers can help you if you’re facing federal charges. Here’s how.

Aggressive Representation

We’ll provide you with aggressive representation. We’ll take the time to look over the facts of your case, as well as the evidence that the prosecutors will likely present. In turn, we will create a strong defense that will increase your chances of getting your charges reduced or dismissed.

Plea Bargains

If we believe a plea deal is in your best interest, then we’ll let you know. We can enter into plea bargains with the prosecutor. We have extensive experience with negotiating with prosecutors.


We have access to resources clients typically don’t have access to. An excellent example of this is expert witnesses. If we feel it’s relevant, we may reach out to expert witnesses or experts in specific fields who may be able to bolster your defense.


Above all else, we have the experience required to represent you. Federal criminal cases are complex and can carry serious forms of punishment. The last thing you want is to overlook something in your case that could have been a game-changer. Our team of experienced attorneys knows what to look for, and we pay attention to every single detail associated with our client’s cases.

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