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Is your dental license currently under review? Are you wondering whether or not your dental license will be temporarily suspended or revoked? Whether this happened through your own fault or a mistake, you need to hire the best Cleveland dental license defense attorney for your case.

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What Are the Most Common Complaints Against Dentists in Ohio?

If your dental license is currently under review, it could be due to any of the following complaints.

  • Negligence – If you handled a case with neglect resulting in injury to the client.
  • Criminal Conviction – If you have been convicted of a crime in Ohio or previously convicted in other states.
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse – If you have been abusing drugs and alcohol while working on your patients.
  • Inadequate Supervision of Staff – If you have been leaving staff on their own to perform serious procedures without supervision.
  • If you have been permitting unlicensed people to offer dentistry services in your name/clinic.
  • If you have been offering dentistry services in Ohio without a license or on an expired license.
  • If you don’t have proper records, especially in the event of an IRS audit.
  • If you have been offering dentistry services and splitting the fee with unauthorized partners.
  • If you have been running a fraudulent practice, especially with fraudulent billing issues.

If a complaint has been filed against you for these and any more issues in Ohio, you are at risk of having your license revoked or temporarily suspended. Call us now at Patituce & Associates and let our professional Cleveland dental license defense attorneys handle your case. We are here for you.

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Why Is Negligence the Main Cause of Complaints or Disciplinary Actions Against Dentists in Ohio?

A thorough review of all the dental license complaints and disciplinary actions in Ohio reveals that most clients file complaints against their dentists for negligence. Some of the common issues related to negligence among dentists include the following.

  • Failure to properly diagnose or assess the treatment options results in the dentist providing the wrong treatment option for a fairly simple issue.
  • Secondly, if you fail to properly record the patient’s existing conditions resulting in negative reactions to any particular treatment, you will be regarded as negligent in your services.
  • On some occasions, dentists may treat the wrong tooth such as extraction or applying various dental procedures to the wrong tooth.
  • Dentists may also perform extractions without enough justification or without offering less-invasive options. Here, the dentists take the excessive route of treatment instead of doing a simple procedure.
  • In some cases, the dentists may perforate a patient’s tooth during a simple root canal procedure forcing the patient to undergo another treatment for the damaged tooth.
  • A complaint may be filed against you if you have been allowing unqualified or unauthorized staff to perform x-rays, dental clinic, or other dental responsibilities in your dental clinic.

Therefore, if you have received disciplinary action or a complaint regarding these and any more dental issues, you need to work with the best dental license defense lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio to prevent further issues. If dentistry is your livelihood, you need to have a proper defense for these complaints to prevent the revocation of your license.

How Are Dental Disciplinary Investigations Conducted in Ohio?

Your existing or former clients may file a complaint against you to the Ohio Dental Board. Next, the members of the Board will determine if the complaint was in violation of the Dental Practice Act.

If not, they may refer it to the right law enforcement for action. If it does, the Board may commence investigations. If there is merit in the complaint, the Board may decide to close the case, send a warning later, or file formal charges against you.

What Disciplinary Charges and Penalties Can a Dentist Face in Ohio?

Depending on the case, you may face a criminal conviction or have your dental license temporarily or permanently revoked. It’s a good idea to hire a dental license defense lawyer in Ohio to guarantee the best outcome for your case.

How Will a Dental License Defense Lawyer Defend Your Case?

If you hire us today, we can defend your case in the following ways.

  • Gather the relevant evidence for your case to present to the Board.
  • Talk on your behalf in front of the Board and use the most appropriate jargon.
  • Negotiate with the Board or law enforcement personnel on your behalf to guarantee the best outcome.

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