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Receiving notice that an investigation is underway by the Accountancy Board of Ohio could send the holder of the license into a panic. The prospect of revocation, suspension of a license, or disciplinary action could result in loss of income and the business or career that the person has worked their whole life to achieve.

However, with the assistance of a skilled Cleveland accounting license defense attorney, the damages relating to the disciplinary action could be minimized or even avoided. Contact Patituce & Associates at 440-471-7784 or, use the online form to find out how our team of professional license defense lawyers can assist you with your legal issues.

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How Are Accounting License Complaints Filed in Ohio?

When a person lays a complaint against a firm or individual licensed by the Ohio Accountancy Board, the complaint is required to be submitted in writing. It must also include details that support the allegation along with any documents that can support the complaint. Complaints can also be submitted without knowing who the person is (anonymously).

After the board has received the complaint, they will first need to determine if they have jurisdiction over either the firm or the individual. The Accountancy Board might consider results derived from civil or criminal cases in order to decide whether the holder of the license needs to be disciplined.

When the Ohio Accountancy Board has jurisdiction, it will outline the investigation process, and discipline within its Enforcement and Disciplinary Policy Manual, which is also available online.

The investigation process for complaints generally starts with the board sending a letter or a visit from an investigator. The information collected during these processes will be thoroughly evaluated in order to decide if disciplinary action needs to be initiated.

How Are Accounting License Complaints Handled?

The Accountancy Board of Ohio will investigate an accountant when their practices or professional capabilities are questionable. Co-workers, competitors, and customers can file a complaint against an accountant. Once a complaint has been filed, the Accountancy Board will make contact by sending a letter to inform you that an investigation has commenced.

If an investigator is unable to find enough evidence, they will close the case. But when the investigator has decided that the grievance against you holds merit, you will be required to appear before the State Licensing Board for a hearing.

The punishment and the severity in these case types will require an aggressive defense. This is why you should seek counsel from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to lower the chances of your license being suspended or revoked. The Cleveland accounting license defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates are well-versed in the intricacies involved in license defense law.

Our lawyers will work closely with you to understand your circumstances and then tailor a solution to match your requirements as well as assist you in securing the best possible outcome. When the State Licensing Board decides to advance with a decision that is against you at an Administrative Hearing, you have a right to appeal.

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What Are Common Allegations of Accounting Misconduct?

Accounting license defense cases often include these elements:

  • Sexual misconduct
  • Engaging in the type of conduct that demonstrated you do not have the competency to perform certain accounting services
  • Substance abuse
  • Relating professionally or hiring someone that has a suspended or revoked accounting license
  • Criminal conviction
  • Using solicitation or advertising in a deceptive, misleading, or false manner or in ways that promote unsupported claims
  • Falsifying records
  • Failing to cooperate with investigators from the state’s board or failing to comply with requests for documentation or information
  • Continuing with practice when you have not renewed your accounting license
  • Fraudulently charging fees
  • Deliberately falsifying documents about your accountancy practice

The Accountancy Board of Ohio is very serious when it comes to enforcing regulations and rules linked with professional licensure. Some accountants encounter issues when attempting to obtain professional licenses (usually due to past convictions).

While others are under threat of having their license revoked or suspended. Regardless of the circumstances involved in your situation, it is highly recommended to seek legal counsel from someone that has an extensive understanding of professional licensing matters.

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